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SUP 6.2.1GRP
A firm authorised under Part 4A6 of the Act (Permission to carry on regulated activity) has a single Part 4A permission6 granted by the FCA or the PRA. A firm'sPart 4A permission6 specifies all or some of the following elements (see PERG 2 Annex 2 (Regulated activities and the permission regime) and the information online at the FCA and PRA websites):6666336(1) a description of the activities the firm may carry on, including any limitations;(2) the specified investments involved;
SYSC 5.2.37GRP
[deleted] Editor’s note: The text of this provision has been moved to SYSC 27.8.8G]8
(1) 1The FCA2will seek to deprive a firm of the financial benefit derived directly from the breach (which may include the profit made or loss avoided) where it is practicable to quantify this. The FCA2 will ordinarily also charge interest on the benefit.22(2) Where the success of a firm’s entire business model is dependent on breachingFCArules2 or other requirements of the regulatory system and the breach is at the core of the firm’s regulated activities, the FCA2 will seek to
1This section sets out the conditions which must be satisfied for a firm to enter into or vary a regulated mortgage contract with a customer, or arrange such a transaction for a customer, without giving advice, or where the advice given by the firm has been rejected. As explained in MCOB 4.7A.1 G, it does not prohibit the giving of pre-contract or preliminary information which does not amount to advice to the particular customer. If a firm intends (where permitted under this
REC 4.7.4GRP
The FCA3 would be likely to consider the conditions in REC 4.7.3 G (2) or REC 4.7.3 G (3) to be triggered1in the following circumstances:31(1) the recognised body appears not to have the resources or management to be able to organise its affairs so as to satisfy one or more of the recognised body requirements; or212(2) the recognised body does not appear to be willing to satisfy one or more of the recognised body requirements; or212(3) the recognised body is failing or has failed
A contravention of a rule in SYSC 11 to 2SYSC 21,7SYSC 22.8.1R, SYSC 22.9.1R or SYSC 23 to9SYSC 288 does not give rise to a right of action by a private person under section 138D of the Act (and each of those rules is specified under section 138D(3) of the Act as a provision giving rise to no such right of action). 34437
EG 8.2.6RP
1Examples of circumstances in which the FCA will consider varying a firm'sPart 4A permission because it has serious concerns about a firm, or about the way its business is being or has been conducted include where: (1) in relation to the grounds for exercising the power under section 55J(1)(a) or section 55L(2)(a) of the Act, the firm appears to be failing, or appears likely to fail, to satisfy the threshold conditions relating to one or more, or all, of its regulated activities,