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CONC 14.1.2RRP
A firm must not appoint an individual, who is not an authorised person or an exempt person, to act as an agent of the firm, in carrying on regulated activities of the firm unless all of the following conditions are met at the date of the individual's appointment and while the individual continues to act as the firm's agent:(1) the firm appoints the individual as the firm's agent;(2) the individual works as agent only for the firm and not as agent for any other principal;(3) the
PERG 2.3.11GRP
5Although the overall relationship between a home collected credit provider (the principal firm) and a person providing the services described in PERG 2.3.10 G (the individual) will need to be taken into account, meeting the following criteria is likely to mean that the individual is carrying on the business of the principal firm (as its agent) and not his own, meaning that the individual does not require authorisation or to be exempt:(1) the principal firm appoints the individual