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Table: Items which are eligible to contribute to the capital resources of a firmItemAdditional explanation1.Share capitalThis must be fully paid and may include:(1)ordinary share capital; or(2)preference share capital (excluding preference shares redeemable by shareholders within two years).2.Capital other than share capital (for example, the capital of a sole trader, partnership or limited liability partnership)The capital of a sole trader is the net balance on the firm's capital
A subordinated debt must not form part of the capital resources of the firm unless it meets the following conditions: (1) (for a firm which carries on insurance mediation activity, home finance mediation activity1 (or both) but not home financing1or home finance administration1) it has an original maturity of:1111(a) at least two years; or(b) it is subject to two years' notice of repayment;(2) (for all other firms) it has an original maturity of:(a) at least five years; or(b)
(1) This rule applies to a firm which:(a) carries on:(i) insurance mediation activity; or(ii) home finance mediation activity1(or both); and1(b) in relation to those activities, holds client money or other client assets;but is not carrying on home financing1orhome finance administration1.1111(2) In calculating its capital resources, the firm must exclude any amount by which the aggregate amount of its subordinated loans and its redeemable preference shares exceeds the amount calculated
SUP 15.3.8GRP
Compliance with Principle 11 includes, but is not limited to, giving the FSA notice of:(1) any proposed restructuring, reorganisation or business expansion which could have a significant impact on the firm's risk profile or resources, including, but not limited to:(a) setting up a new undertaking within a firm'sgroup, or a new branch (whether in the United Kingdom or overseas); or (b) commencing the provision of cross border services into a new territory; or(c) commencing the