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TC 2.1.5CRRP
19A firm must not assess knowledge and competence based solely on relevant professional experience. It should also take into account relevant professional qualifications, such as diplomas and degrees, training and competency tests.[Note: annex III (3) of the MCD]
TC 2.1.22GRP
All continuing professional development should:17(1) be relevant to the retail investment adviser's current role and any anticipated changes to that role;(2) maintain the retail investment adviser's knowledge by reference to current qualification standards relevant to the retail investment adviser's role;(3) contribute to the retail investment adviser's professional skill and knowledge;(4) address any identified gaps in the retail investment adviser's technical knowledge; (5)
TC App 4.1.1AERP
24In relation to the above RDR activities a qualification in the table in Part 2 will meet the qualification requirement in relation to the activity listed in column 3 of that table, for the purpose of TC 2.1.10E(2), to the extent set out below:(1) where an ‘a’ appears in the fourth column of the table in Part 2 the qualification will fully meet the qualification requirement on and after, 31 December 2012; and(2) where a ‘b’ appears in the fourth column of the table in Part 2
TC App 6.1.1GRP
1Introduction1.An accredited body is a body appearing in the list of such bodies in the Glossary.112.Information on accredited bodies, including guidance on the process for including an applicant body in the list, is set out below and the obligation to pay the application fee is set out in FEES 3.2.3.[deleted]11Process for including a body in the list of accredited bodies4.In considering the compatibility of a proposed addition with the statutory objectives, the FCA will determine
SUP 4.3.10GRP
To comply with SUP 4.3.9 R and Principle 3, before an actuary1 takes up his appointment the firm should ensure that the actuary: 1(1) has skills and experience appropriate to the nature, scale and complexity of the firm's business and the requirements and standards under the regulatory system to which it is subject; and(2) has adequate qualifications and experience, which includes holding an appropriate practising certificate1 under the rules of the Institute of Actuaries or the