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The ECAI rating of a securitisation position must, at a minimum, comply with the following:(1) there must be no mismatch between the types of payments reflected in the credit assessment and the types of payment to which the firm is entitled under the contract giving rise to the securitisation position in question;(2) the rating must be publicly available to the market; and(3) the rating must not be based, or partly based, on support provided by the firm itself.
BIPRU 11.5.10RRP
For a firm calculating risk weighted exposure amounts in accordance with the standardised approach to credit risk, the following information must be disclosed for each of the standardised credit risk exposure classes;(1) the names of the nominated ECAIs and export credit agencies and the reasons for any changes;(2) the standardised credit risk exposure classes for which each ECAI or export credit agency is used;(3) a description of the process used to transfer the issuer and issue