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The use of the concentration ratio approach for unrated securitisation positions is only permitted where all the following conditions are met:(1) the concentration ratio is equal to the sum of the nominal amounts of all the tranches divided by the sum of the nominal amounts of the tranches junior to, or equal to, the tranche in which the position is held, including that tranche itself;(2) where the resulting risk weight for a securitisation position is lower than any risk weight
Table: specific risk position risk adjustments - standardised approach3Credit quality step1234 (only for credit assessments other than short-term credit assessments)All other credit quality stepsSecuritisations1.6%4%8%28%100%Resecuritisations3.2%8%18%52%100%A firm may only apply the position risk adjustments in this table where it would have to calculate a risk weighted exposure amount in accordance with the standardised approach to securitisation and resecuritisation positions
Table: specific risk Position Risk Adjustments - IRB approach3Credit Quality StepSecuritisation positionsResecuritisation positionsCredit assessments other than short termShort-term credit assessmentsABCDE110.56%0.96%1.6%1.6%2.4%20.64%1.20%2%2%3.2%30.8%1.44%2.8%2.8%4%420.96%1.6%3.2%5.2%51.60%2.8%4.8%8%62.8%4%8%12%734.8%6%12%18%88%16%28%920%24%40%1034%40%52%1152%60%68%all other unrated100%A firm may only apply the position risk adjustments in this table where it would have to calculate
The originator of a traditional securitisation may exclude securitised exposures from the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts and expected loss amounts if either of the following conditions is fulfilled:(1) 2significant credit risk associated with the securitised exposures is considered to have been transferred to third parties; or(2) 2the originator applies a 1250% risk weight to all securitisation positions it holds in the securitisation or deducts these securitisation
2Significant credit risk will be considered to be transferred for an originator in the following cases:(1) 2the risk weighted exposure amounts of the mezzanine securitisation positions held by the originator in the securitisation do not exceed 50% of the risk weighted exposure amounts of all mezzanine securitisation positions existing in this securitisation;(2) 2where there are no mezzanine securitisation positions in a given securitisation and the originator can demonstrate that
2An originator must notify the appropriate regulator that it is relying on the deemed transfer of significant credit risk under BIPRU 9.4.11R within a reasonable period before or after a relevant transfer, not being later than one month after the date of the transfer. The notification must include the following information:(1) 2the risk weighted exposure amount of the securitised exposures and retained securitisation positions; (2) 2the exposure value of the securitised exposures
BIPRU 9.12.20RRP
(1) If:(a) a firm'sIRB permission allows it to use this treatment; and(b) the conditions in (2)(16) are satisfied,a firm may attribute to an unrated position in an asset backed commercial paper programme a derived rating as laid down in (3).(2) Positions in the commercial paper issued from the programme must be rated positions.(3) Under the ABCP internal assessment approach, the unrated position must be assigned by the firm to one of the rating grades described in (5). The position
(1) Where a firm has two or more overlapping positions in a securitisation the firm must, to the extent that the positions overlap, include in its calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts only the position, or portion of a position, producing the higher risk weighted exposure amounts. The firm may also recognise such an overlap between capital charges for specific risk in relation to positions in the trading book and capital charges for positions in the non-trading book,
(1) An originator of a synthetic securitisation may calculate risk weighted exposure amounts1, and, as relevant, expected loss amounts, for the securitised exposures in accordance with BIPRU 9.5.3 R and BIPRU 9.5.4 R, if either of the following conditions is fulfilled:1(a) 1significant credit risk is considered to have been transferred to third parties, either through funded or unfunded credit protection; or(b) 1the originator applies a 1250% risk weight to all securitisation
BIPRU 11.5.17RRP
A firm calculating risk weighted exposure amounts in accordance with BIPRU 9 or capital resource requirements according to BIPRU 7.2.48A R to BIPRU 7.2.48K R4 must disclose the following information, where relevant separately for its trading book and non-trading book:4(1) a description of the firm's objectives in relation to securitisation activity;(1A) the nature of other risks, including liquidity risk inherent in securitised assets;4(1B) the type of risks in terms of seniority