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A firm must ensure that investors have access to all materially relevant data determined as at the date of the securitisation and, where appropriate due to the nature of the securitisation, thereafter. These data must include:(1) the credit quality, performance, cashflows and supporting collateral of the securitisation exposures; and(2) information necessary to conduct comprehensive and well-informed stress tests on the cashflows and collateral values supporting the securitisation
BIPRU 12.5.50GRP
In relation to liquidity facilities to support securitisation programmes, a firm should:(1) assess the extent of its contractual obligations to provide liquidity support to sponsored and third-party structured vehicles;(2) identify the circumstances in which support will, or is likely to, be called; and(3) assess the impact on that firm's cash flows of such support being called:(a) in normal financial conditions; and(b) under the liquidity stresses required by BIPRU 12.5.6R.
IFPRU 4.12.42GRP
Where a firm achieves significant risk transfer for a particular transaction, the FCA expects it to continue to monitor risks related to the transaction to which it may still be exposed. The firm should consider capital planning implications of securitised assets returning to its balance sheet. The UK CRR3 requires a firm to conduct regular stress testing of its securitisation activities and off-balance sheet exposures. The stress tests should consider the firm-wide impact of
(1) The appropriate regulator expects firms to conduct regular stress testing in relation to their securitisation activities and off-balance sheet exposures. The stress tests should consider the firm-wide impact of those activities and exposures in stressed market conditions and the implications for other sources of risk, for example, credit risk, concentration risk, counterparty risk, market risk, liquidity risk and reputational risk. Stress testing of securitisation activities
A firm must consider alternative scenarios in which its liquidity position could be impacted. The consideration of alternative scenarios must include and deal with off-balance sheet items and other contingent liabilities, including those of securitisation special purpose entities (SSPEs) or other special purpose entities, in relation to which the firm acts as sponsor or provides material liquidity support. These scenarios must be incorporated into the stress testing under MIPRU