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The capital resources requirement for a social housing firm whose Part 4A permission is limited to carrying on the regulated activities of: (1) home financing;1 or11(2) home finance administration1(or both);11is that the firm's net tangible assets must be greater than zero.
If a social housing firm is carrying on home financing1or home finance administration1(and no other regulated activity), its net tangible assets must be greater than zero. However, if it carries on insurance mediation activity or home finance mediation activity1, there is no special provision and the capital resources requirement for firms carrying on designated investment business or mediation activities only applies to it as appropriate. 11111
Social housing firms undertake small amounts of home finance1business even though their main business consists of activities other than regulated activities. Their home financing1is only done as an adjunct to their primary purpose (usually the provision of housing) and is substantially different in character to that done by commercial lenders. Furthermore, they are subsidiaries of local authorities or registered social landlords which are already subject to separate regulation.