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This chapter (the custody rules) applies to a firm:21(1) [deleted]22(a) [deleted]22(b) [deleted]22(1A) 2when it holds financial instruments belonging to a client in the course of its MiFID business; and/or(1B) 2when it is safeguarding and administering investments, in the course of business that is not MiFID business.(2) [deleted]22
4If:(1) the safe custody asset is an emission auction product that is a financial instrument; and(2) it is not practicable or possible for a firm to effect registration or recording of legal title in this asset in the manner set out in CASS 6.2.3 R, the firm must register or record legal title in its name provided it has notified the client in writing.
SUP 16.14.4RRP
For the purposes of the CMAR:(1) client money is that to which the client money rules in CASS 7 apply; and(2) safe custody assets are those to which the custody rules in CASS 6 apply4 but only in relation to the holding of financial instruments (in the course of MiFID business) and the safeguarding and administration of assets (without arranging) (in the course of business that is not MiFID business).