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This section sets out the required content of an illustration for an equity release transaction provided to a customer by a firm. The template of an illustration for a lifetime mortgage is set out in MCOB 9 Annex 1 and for a home reversion plan, in MCOB 9 Annex 2.88
An illustration provided to a customer must:(1) contain the material set out in the relevant annex to this chapter in the order and using the numbered section headings, sub-headings and text prescribed, except where this section provides otherwise;88(2) follow the format of the template in 8the relevant annex to this chapter8, with:(a) prominent use of the Key facts5 logo followed by the text 'about this lifetime mortgage' or 'about this home reversion plan'8;55(b) each section
A firm must include in the illustration all prescribed section headings, except that:8(1) in Section 8 of the lifetime mortgageillustration8 (What you owe and when):(a) Section 8 (A) (details of mortgage payments) is only required where the customer is required to make payments to the mortgage lender in respect of the capital or all or part of the interest charged on the lifetime mortgage;77(b) Section 8(B) (projection of roll-up of interest) is only required where all or part
As a minimum the illustration must be personalised to reflect the following:(1) the specific equity release transaction8 in which the customer is interested;8(2) the amount of the loan or equity8 required by the customer, or for drawdown mortgages and instalment reversion plans,8 the amount the customer wishes to draw down or to receive8 on a monthly (or such frequency that amounts are available) basis. Where the amount the customer can draw down is variable, the firm must agree
A firm should not illustrate more than one equity release transaction8 in the same illustration, for example by using one illustration to compare alternative products.8
MCOB 9.4.10RRP
(1) In estimating the term of a lifetime mortgage or an open-ended instalment reversion plan,8 a firm must:8(a) use the following mortality table: PMA92(C=2010) and PFA92(C=2010) for males and females respectively, derivable from the Continuous Mortality Investigation Report 17, published by the Institute of Actuaries and the Faculty of Actuaries in 1999; and2(b) for the purposes of the illustration, where the table does not result in a life expectancy expressed in whole years,
(1) MCOB 5.1 to MCOB 5.5 (with the modifications stated in MCOB 9.3.2 R to MCOB 9.3.12 R) apply to a firm where the home finance transaction is an equity release transaction, except that those provisions that by their nature are only relevant to regulated mortgage contracts do not apply to home reversion plans (see MCOB 9.1.2A G).33(2) The table in MCOB 9.3.2 R shows how the relevant rules and guidance in MCOB 5 must be modified by replacing the cross-references with the relevant
3The provisions in this sourcebook that apply to home reversion plans should be read in a purposive way. This means that firms should substitute equivalent home reversion terminology for lifetime mortgage terminology, where appropriate. Examples of terms and expressions that must be replaced are 'loan' or 'amount borrowed', which should be replaced with 'amount released' or 'amount to be released', as appropriate, and 'mortgage lender' and 'mortgage intermediary' which should
An illustration on a particular equity release transaction issued by, or on behalf of an equity release provider, must be an accurate reflection of the costs of the equity release transaction.33
There are no restrictions on figures which are quoted as higher than those actually charged by the equity release provider3 although this should not be purposely done in order to make one equity release transaction3 look more expensive than another.33
MCOB 9.3.12RRP
In meeting a request for written information specific to the customer's requirements on a particular equity release transaction (see MCOB 5.5.1 R (2)(c))3, the firm must not delay the provision of the illustration by requesting information other than:3(1) the information necessary to personalise the illustration, if the firm does not already know it;3(2) where the firm is uncertain whether the transaction will be an equity release transaction,3 such information as is necessary
This chapter applies in the circumstances set out in other rules in this sourcebook, but in relation to an equity release transaction2, in accordance with the table in MCOB 9.1.4 R.2
(1) Initial disclosure requirements apply4 only in relation to varying the terms of an equity release transaction4 entered into by the customer in any of the following ways:44(a) adding or removing a party;(b) taking out a further advance; or(c) switching all or part of the lifetime mortgage3 from one interest rate to another.13(2) Otherwise, this chapter applies in relation to any form of variation of an equity release transaction.444
(1) 3(a) 3Subject to (c),MCOB 4.1 to MCOB 4.6 and MCOB 4.8 (with the modifications stated in MCOB 8.3.3 R and MCOB 8.3.4 R) apply to a firm where the home finance transaction is a lifetime mortgage.33(b) MCOB 4.1 to MCOB 4.4 and MCOB 4.8 (with the modifications stated in MCOB 8.3.3 R and MCOB 8.3.4 R) apply to a firm where the home finance transaction is a home reversion plan, except for those provisions that by their nature are only relevant to regulated mortgage contracts.3(2)
The illustration provided as part of the offer document in accordance with MCOB 6.4.1 R(1) must meet the requirements of MCOB 9.4, with the following modifications:(1) the illustration must be suitably adapted and revised to reflect the fact that the firm is making an offer to a customer and updated to reflect changes to, for example, for a lifetime mortgage3 the interest rate, charges, the exchange rate or the APR required by MCOB 10 (Annual Percentage Rate) at the date the illustration
The purpose of the requirements in this chapter is the same as that in MCOB 5.2, MCOB 6.2 and MCOB 7.2 in respect of equity release transactions1.1
SUP 12.5.2GRP
(1) Regulations 3(1) 8and (2) of the Appointed Representatives Regulations make it a requirement that the contract between the firm and the appointed representative (unless it prohibits the appointed representative from representing other counterparties) contains a provision enabling the firm to:488(a) impose such a prohibition; or(b) impose restrictions as to the other counterparties which the appointed representative may represent, or as to the types of investment in relation
3To the extent that an authorised payment institution or an EEA authorised payment institution has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FSA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of this section.