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10A contract is excluded from the definition of regulated mortgage contract if, at the time is entered into, it meets the following conditions:(1) it provides for credit to be granted by a ‘housing authority’ within the meaning of article 60E of the Regulated Activities Order. The definition in article 60E includes housing associations registered under the relevant housing legislation (see PERG 2.7.19FAG);(2) if entered into on or after 21 March 2016:(a) it is an agreement an
MCOB 1.2.19GRP
(1) 8To meet the definition of an MCD credit agreement (including a foreign currency loan), a contract must come within the definition at the time it is entered into.(2) The effect of (1) is that: (a) a contract which, at the time it is entered into, comes within the definition of an MCD regulated mortgage contract (and a foreign currency loan where applicable) remains an MCD regulated mortgage contract (and a foreign currency loan where applicable) throughout its remaining term,
(1) This paragraph lists the regulated mortgage contracts outside the MCD.(2) MCD exempt lifetime mortgages are excluded from the Mortgage Credit Directive. These are regulated mortgage contracts or article 3(1)(b) credit agreements where the creditor:(a) contributes a lump sum, periodic payments or other forms of credit disbursement; (b) contributes the sums in (a) in return for a sum deriving from the future sale of a residential property or a right relating to residential property;
15A credit agreement is also an exempt agreement17 in the following cases:(1) if it is a borrower-lender agreement, the lender is a credit union and the rate of the total charge for credit (see CONC App 1) does not exceed 42.6 per cent provided that:41(a) the agreement is not an article 3(1)(b) credit agreement; or4135(b) the agreement is an article 3(1)(b) credit agreement but:4135(i) the agreement is of a kind to which section 423A(3) of the Act applies 35(see PERG 4.10A.5G(1)
An MCD mortgage lender may request the consumer, family member or close relation of the consumer to:(1) open or maintain a payment or a savings account, where the only purpose of the account is to accumulate capital to repay the credit, to service the credit, to pool resources to obtain the credit, or to provide additional security for the MCD mortgage lender in the event of default;(2) purchase or keep an investment product or a private pension product, where such product primarily
MCOB 14.1.4GRP
The changes that MCOB 14.1.3R requires to be made to rules applied by that rule include the following:(1) any reference to ‘land’ includes a reference to property rights in an existing or projected building;(2) any reference to regulated mortgage contract or MCD regulated mortgage contract includes a reference to an MCD article 3(1)(b) credit agreement; and(3) any reference to qualifying credit includes a reference to an MCD article 3(1)(b) credit agreement.
(1) 2CONC does not apply to credit agreements secured on land, with some limited exceptions as set out in (3) and (4), below. (2) Agreements secured by a second or subsequent charge on the customer’s home are, where regulated, governed by MCOB from 21 March 2016 (subject to transitional provisions allowing for the earlier adoption of MCOB). For detailed guidance on the regulation of secured lending, see PERG 4.(3) The agreements secured on land to which CONC may apply include
(1) 3This chapter does not apply to an MCD lifetime mortgage, except as set out in (2) to (3), below.(2) MCOB 9.4.33 R, MCOB 9.4.35 R, MCOB 9.4.62 R and MCOB 9.4.63 R apply to the extent specified by MCOB 5A.6.2 R.(3) MCOB 9.6 to MCOB 9.8 apply, except for rules that modify or replace MCOB 7.6.7R to MCOB 7.6.17R (because those rules do not apply to an MCD mortgage lender or an MCD mortgage credit intermediary, MCOB 7B applies instead: see MCOB 7.1.2AR and MCOB 7.1.2BG).