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An illustration provided to a customer must:(1) contain the material set out in the relevant annex to this chapter in the order and using the numbered section headings, sub-headings and text prescribed, except where this section provides otherwise;88(2) follow the format of the template in 8the relevant annex to this chapter8, with:(a) prominent use of the Key facts5 logo followed by the text 'about this lifetime mortgage' or 'about this home reversion plan'8;55(b) each section
When a firm assesses whether the equity release transaction is appropriate to the needs and circumstances of the customer for the purposes of MCOB 8.5A.5 R, the factors it must consider include the following:(1) whether the benefits to the customer outweigh any adverse effect on:(a) the customer's entitlement (if any) to means-tested benefits; and(b) the customer's tax position (for example the loss of an Age Allowance);(2) alternative methods of raising the required funds such
(1) A firm must make and retain a record: (a) of the customer information, including that relating to the customer's needs and circumstances and the customer's apparent satisfaction of the equity release provider's known eligibility criteria, that it has obtained for the purposes of MCOB 8.5A; (b) that explains why the firm has concluded that any advice given to a customer complies with MCOB 8.5A.2 R and satisfies the suitability requirement in MCOB 8.5A.5R (1); (c) of any advice
An illustration on a particular equity release transaction issued by, or on behalf of an equity release provider, must be an accurate reflection of the costs of the equity release transaction.33
There are no restrictions on figures which are quoted as higher than those actually charged by the equity release provider3 although this should not be purposely done in order to make one equity release transaction3 look more expensive than another.33
(1) 1MCOB 8.6A provides that a firm may only enter into an equity release transaction with a customer, or arrange such a transaction for a customer, as an execution-only sale if the customer has rejected advice, identified the product he wishes to purchase and positively elected to proceed with an execution-only sale.(2) The aim of MCOB 8.6A is to ensure that, in all sales of equity release transactions, there is one firm which advises the customer on the equity release transaction
The required additional information in MCOB 8.6A.4R (2) is:(1) for a lifetime mortgage other than one falling within MCOB 8.6A.5 R:(a) the name of the mortgage lender;(b) the rate of interest;(c) the interest rate type;(d) the price or value of the property on which the lifetime mortgage would be secured (estimated where necessary); and(e) the sum the customer wishes to borrow under it, either immediately or in the future (including the amount of any lump sum, any regular drawdown