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(1) 1A firm must, as soon as a customer expresses an interest in becoming a SRB agreement seller, ensure that the 2disclosures and warnings set out in (1A) are 2made to the customer2, both orally and confirmed in writing, and he is given an adequate opportunity to consider them. The firm must not demand or accept any fees, charges or other sums from the customer, or undertake any action that commits the customer in any way to entering into a specific agreement, until:2222(a) 2the
2A firm may comply with the requirement in MCOB 5.9.1 R (Pre-sale disclosure) for disclosures and warnings to be confirmed in writing by providing the potential SRB agreement seller with the written pre-offer document that is required by MCOB 6.9.3 R (Written pre-offer document: Stage One) if this can be done as quickly as providing the pre-sale disclosures, provided that (in accordance with MCOB 5.9.1 R) the firm does not demand or accept any fees, charges or other sums from
2Examples of features of a regulated sale and rent agreement that a SRB agreement seller would reasonably need to know about (see MCOB 5.9.1R (1A)(m)) would include an arrangement under which the seller is to receive from the SRB agreement provider a refund of some agreed percentage of the discount (on the market value of the property) that was reflected in the sale price under the regulated sale and rent back agreement after the end of the agreed letting term. Should any restrictions
MCOB 6.9.11RRP
The SRB agreement provider must keep a record of the written pre-offer document at Stage One and the written offer document for signing at Stage Two for a period of:(1) one year after the end of the fixed term of the tenancy under the regulated sale and rent back agreement; or(2) five years from the date of the disclosures and warnings, written offer documents and cooling-off period notices;whichever is the longer.
A firm is unlikely, for example, to be treating a reversion occupier or SRB agreement seller2 fairly if:(1) the reversion occupier or SRB agreement seller2 is obliged to maintain the property to a standard which exceeds the standard that the property is in when the home reversion plan or regulated sale and rent back agreement2 commences;(2) the reversion occupier or SRB agreement seller2 is not entitled to, or is not given, reasonable notice of an inspection, or the inspection
MCOB 4.11.1RRP
(1) 1A regulated sale and rent back firm, on first making contact with a potential SRB agreement seller for whom it might reasonably be expected to carry on any regulated sale and rent back activity, must make the following disclosures to him, both orally and in writing:(a) the service the firm is offering the customer, making it clear whether the firm will be acting as a SRB agreement provider, a SRB adviser or a SRB arranger and the particular regulated sale and rent back activities
MCOB 4.11.10GRP
The effect of MCOB 4.11.9R is that a SRB agreement provider is expected to carry out its own assessments of affordability and appropriatenessin relation to a particular regulated sale and rent back agreement, unless it is reasonable for it to rely on another firm to have done so in relation to a particular transaction.
(1) A mortgage lender,3reversion provider2 or SRB agreement provider3 must quantify, in cash terms, any material inducement it offers to a mortgage intermediary, reversion intermediary,2SRB intermediary3 or a third party. 3(2) In quantifying the value of the material inducement, the firm must include any subsequent payments (such as a trail fee) made where the customer continues with the samehome finance transaction.22
(1) Quantification of any material inducement offered by the mortgage lender or reversion provider2 supports the disclosure requirements elsewhere in MCOB. Further guidance on the disclosure of any inducement in cash terms is provided in MCOB 5.6.118 G for regulated mortgage contracts other than lifetime mortgages, MCOB 9.4.124 G for lifetime mortgages and MCOB 9.4.173 G for home reversion plans.2(1A) Quantification of any material inducement offered by a SRB agreement provider