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The effect of MCOB 5A.4.1R (1) and MCOB 5A.4.7 R is that a consumer will be deemed to be committed to an application if, for example, they pay a product-related fee (including a valuation fee) or provides electronic or verbal authority to process an application. It is not necessary for a consumer to provide an MCD mortgage lender with a completed application form to submit an application for an MCD regulated mortgage contract.
A firm must ensure that the offer document contains a prominent statement explaining:(1) the period for which the offer is valid;(2) where the MCD regulated mortgage contract contains features, such as additional unsecured borrowing facilities, which could result in the consumer borrowing more money that, where such features are used, the amount of the consumer's debt will increase;(3) when any interest rate change on the MCD regulated mortgage contract takes effect. This statement
If the MCD regulated mortgage contract has any linked borrowing or linked deposits , details of the charges on these linked facilities (for example, charges payable on a linked current account) must be included in the firm'stariff of charges.
(1) 1When communicating or approving a financial promotion concerning an MCD regulated mortgage contract which indicates an interest rate or any figures relating to the cost of the credit to the consumer, a firm must ensure that the financial promotion includes standard information which specifies in a clear, concise and prominent way:(a) the identity of the MCD creditor or, where applicable, the MCD mortgage credit intermediary2 or appointed representative;(b) where applicable,