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A firm must make an adequate record of each ESIS that it issues to a consumer under MCOB 5A.4.1 R where the consumer applies for that particular MCD regulated mortgage contract.
MCOB 5A.3.14 R does not require a firm to keep records of ESISs that are issued to a consumer when the consumer does not apply to enter into that particular MCD regulated mortgage contract.
The record maintained under MCOB 5A.3.13 R should contain or refer to matters such as:(1) the date on which the ESIS was provided to the consumer;(2) the date of the application made by the consumer; and(3) details of the medium through which the ESIS was provided.
If the firm chooses not to give an ESIS in the circumstances in MCOB 5A.4.2R (1), where it has given advice on a direct deal, the firm must give the consumer a written record of the advice.
(1) A firm must make an adequate record of each offer document which it issues to a consumer under MCOB 6A.(2) The record required by (1) must be retained for one year from the date that the offer document is issued to the consumer.(3) If, in accordance with MCOB 6A.4 (Information to be provided in the offer document or separately), information is included in a separate document that is sent with the offer document, that information must also be retained as part of the record
EG 6.10.1RP
1In general, the FCA considers that publishing relevant information about orders to disapply an exemption in respect of a member of a designated professional body will be in the interests of clients and consumers. The FCA will consider what additional information about the circumstances of the order to include on the record maintained on the Financial Services Register taking into account any prejudice to the person concerned and the interests of consumer protection.
EG 6.10.2RP
1The FCA's normal approach to maintaining information about a disapplication order on the Financial Services Register is as follows. (1) While a disapplication order is in effect, the FCA will maintain a record of the order on the Financial Services Register. If the FCA grants an application to vary the order, a note of the variation will be made against the relevant entry on the Financial Services Register. (2) The FCA's policy in relation
Where an MCD mortgage adviser, or any other firm that is an MCD mortgage lender or an MCD mortgage arranger that provides advisory services within the meaning of article 4(21) of the MCD, advises on a transaction relating to an MCD regulated mortgage contract, it must give the consumer a record on paper, or in another durable medium, of the recommendation provided.[Note: article 22(3)(e) of the MCD]
The aim of this section is to protect consumers, by setting out the requirements for a register of unitholders for an AUT or ACS1 and for a plan register for an authorised fund, so a proper record of ownership of units is maintained, whether held directly or indirectly through a group plan.
(1) The ESIS can contain the MCD mortgage lender's or MCD mortgage credit intermediary's logo and other 'brand' information, so long as the requirements of MCOB 5A.5 are satisfied.(2) The ESIS can contain page numbers and other references that aid understanding, record keeping and identification of a particular ESIS, such as the date and time it is produced or a unique reference number, provided these do not detract from the content of the ESIS. (3) Firms are reminded of their
The other elements of DISP 1 (DISP 1.2 (Consumer awareness rules), DISP 1.3 (Complaints handling rules), DISP 1.4 to DISP 1.8 (Complaints resolution rules etc.) and DISP 1.9 (Complaints record rule)) apply to credit unions.
EG 6.9.1RP
1To help it fulfil its operational objective of protecting consumers, the FCA will keep on the Financial Services Register a record of firms or individual auditors or actuaries who have been the subject of disqualification orders or other disciplinary measures by the FCA.
MCOB 6.9.11RRP
The SRB agreement provider must keep a record of the written pre-offer document at Stage One and the written offer document for signing at Stage Two for a period of:(1) one year after the end of the fixed term of the tenancy under the regulated sale and rent back agreement; or(2) five years from the date of the disclosures and warnings, written offer documents and cooling-off period notices;whichever is the longer.