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MCOB 5.6.52RRP
Where all or part of the regulated mortgage contract to which the illustration relates is an interest-only mortgage:(1) the illustration must include the sub-heading 'Cost of repaying the capital' with the following text under it:'You will still owe [insert amount of loan on an interest-only basis] at the end of the mortgage term. You will need to make separate arrangements to repay this. When comparing the payments on this mortgage with a repayment mortgage, remember to add any
MCOB 5.6.55RRP
Unless all of the interest rates described in MCOB 5.6.54 R(5) apply for the term of the loan part to which they apply, then an additional section numbered as 6a and titled 'What you will need to pay in future' must be included to indicate the future stepped payments (if MCOB 5.6.51 R also applies then the section on deferred interest must be numbered 6b). This section must:(1) state when a change in payment will occur;(2) state the reason for the change in payment; and(3) confirm
MCOB 5.6.94RRP
The relevant sub-headings are as follows:(1) 'Underpayments';(2) 'Payment holidays';(3) 'Borrow back';(4) 'Incentives';(5) 'Additional borrowing available without further approval';(6) 'Additional secured borrowing';(7) 'Credit card';(8) 'Unsecured borrowing';(9) 'Linked current account'; and(10) 'Linked savings account'.
MCOB 5.6.104RRP
Where more than one additional borrowing facility from MCOB 5.6.99 R to MCOB 5.6.102 R applies, the total debt and total payments due under all these linked borrowing facilities must be included under a separate sub-section titled 'Total additional borrowing'.1
MCOB 5.6.142RRP
Unless MCOB 5.6.140 R(2)(a) or (b) applies, the following words must be prominently displayed at the end of the sub-section 'What if interest rates go up?':'Rates may increase by much more than this so make sure you can afford this loan.'
In forming a view on whether the management information system is sufficiently comprehensive, the committee of management should consider whether, where relevant, the substance of reports provides a clear statement of:(1) the capital position;(2) the liquidity position;(3) profits and losses, assets and liabilities, and flow of funds;(4) loans, arrears, and provisions.
The population of exposures represented in the data used for estimation, the lending standards used when the data was generated and other relevant characteristics must be comparable with those of a firm'sexposures and standards. A firm must also be able to demonstrate to the FSA that the economic or market conditions that underlie the data are relevant to current and foreseeable conditions. The number of exposures in the sample and the data period used for quantification must