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MCOB 9.4.105GRP
The purpose of MCOB 9.4.104 R is to show the total amount of any additional borrowing facilities that would be available to the customer and the cost of utilising these facilities. It must combine the amount available under any linked borrowing facilities including additional secured lending, credit cards and unsecured lending.
The Ombudsman can consider a complaint under the Voluntary Jurisdiction if:419(1) it is not covered by the Compulsory Jurisdiction or the Consumer Credit Jurisdiction; and419(2) it relates to an act or omission by a VJ participant in carrying on one or more of the following activities:(a) an activity carried on after 28 April 1988 which:(i) was not a regulated activity at the time of the act or omission, but(ii) was a regulated activity when the VJ participant joined the Voluntary