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(1) This chapter applies if a firm:(a) makes a personal recommendation to a customer to enter into a home finance transaction2; or2(b) provides information to a customer that is specific to the amount to be provided on a particular home finance transaction2, including information provided in response to a request from a customer; or2(c) provides the means for a customer to make an application to it;in connection with entering into, or agreeing to enter into, a home finance transaction
(1) MCOB 5.1.3 R means that this chapter applies where the customer can apply to enter into a home finance transaction2. This includes circumstances where, for example, the means to apply is provided in person, by telephone, through a website or through an application pack sent through the post.2(2) The effect of this chapter is to require a customer to be provided with key information about a home finance transaction before he submits an application to a home finance provide
MCOB 1.2.12RRP
In MCOB the activities of a home finance provider which would be arranging but for article 28A of the Regulated Activities Order (Arranging contracts or plans 3to which the arranger is a party), are to be treated as arranging and therefore also as home finance activities.33
MCOB 1.2.13GRP
The effect of article 28A of the Regulated Activities Order would normally mean that arrangements made by a party to a home finance transaction3 would not fall within the home finance activity3 of arranging. So in a direct sale, a home finance provider3 would not be carrying on the regulated activity of arranging but, where the transaction proceeds to completion, would instead be involved in a regulated activity comprising entering into a home finance transaction3. However, the
The purpose of this chapter is to implement article 3.6 of the Insurance Mediation Directive in relation to insurance undertakings. The provisions of this chapter have been extended to home finance providers1 in relation to insurance mediation activity, and to insurance undertakings and home finance providers in relation to home finance mediation activity1, to ensure that firms using these services are treated in the same way and to ensure that clients have the same protection.
If a firm ceases to be a participant firm part way through a financial year of the compensation scheme:(1) it will remain liable for any unpaid levies which the FSCS has already made on the firm;1(2) the FSCS may make a levy upon it (which may be before or after the firmhas ceased to be a participant firm, but must be before it ceases to be an authorised person) for the costs which it would have been liable to pay had the FSCS made a levy on all participant firms at the time
SUP 16.1.3RRP

Application of different sections of SUP 16


(1) Section(s)

(2) Categories of firm to which section applies

(3) Applicable rules and guidance

SUP 16.1,SUP 16.2andSUP 16.3

All categories of firm except:

Entire sections


an ICVC;


an incoming EEA firm or incoming Treaty firm, which is not:


a firm of a type to which SUP 16.6 or SUP 16.7 applies; or


an insurer with permission to effect or carry outlife policies; or


a with to establish, operate or wind up a stakeholder pension scheme;14a firm with permission to establish, operate or wind up a personal pension scheme or a stakeholder pension scheme;14


a UCITS qualifier.

SUP 16.4 and SUP 16.52

All categories of firm except:

Entire sections


a credit union;2


an ICVC;


an incoming EEA firm;


an incoming Treaty firm;


a non-directive friendly society;




a sole trader;


a service company;


a UCITS qualifier;8



a firm with permission to carry on only retail investment activities;8


a firm with permission to carry on only insurance mediation activity, home finance mediation activity,16 or both;8



a firm falling within both (i) and (j)8

SUP 16.6

Bank, ELMI

SUP 16.6.4 R to SUP 16.6.5 R

Depositary of an ICVC

SUP 16.6.6 R to SUP 16.6.9 G

OPS firm

SUP 16.6.6 R to SUP 16.6.8 R

Trustee of an AUT

SUP 16.6.6 R to SUP 16.6.9 G

SUP 16.7

Bank, other than an EEA bank with permission for cross border services only.118

SUP 16.7.7 R to SUP 16.7.15 R18

Building society18

SUP 16.7.16 R to SUP 16.7.19 R18

Service company

SUP 16.7.20 R to SUP 16.7.21 R


SUP 16.7.21A R and SUP 16.7.21B R15

Securities and futures firm (other than an oil market participant to which IPRU(INV) 3 does not apply)

SUP 16.7.22 R to SUP 16.7.34 G

Investment management firm

SUP 16.7.35 R to SUP 16.7.41 R

Authorised professional firm (note)

SUP 16.7.54 Rand SUP 16.7.54A R12

Society of Lloyd's

SUP 16.7.55 R to SUP 16.7.56 R and SUP 16.7.59 R (1) and SUP 16.7.59 R (2)

Members' adviser

SUP 16.7.57 R to SUP 16.7.58 R, SUP 16.7.59 R (3), SUP 16.7.60 G and SUP 16.7.61 G17

Credit Union182

SUP 16.7.62 R to SUP 16.7.63 R182


SUP 16.7.64 R to SUP 16.7.66 R

UCITS management company6

6SUP 16.7.67 R to SUP 16.7.72 R17

Member of a financial conglomerate1018

SUP 16.7.82 R to SUP 16.7.83 R1018

13Insurer Friendly society

SUP 16.7.73 RtoSUP 16.7.75 R

A firm not subject to other reporting requirements in SUP 16.7.1 G - SUP 16.7.75 R (nor to reporting requirements in IPRU(INS) or IPRU(FSOC)):81112

SUP 16.7.76 R to SUP 16.7.81 G8811


with permission to carry on one or more of:8


insurance mediation activity; or8


home finance mediation activity;16 or8



home finance providing activity;16 or8



administering a home finance transaction;16 or8



which is a personal investment firm811

SUP 16.8

Insurer with permission to effect or carry out life policies, unless it is a non-directive friendly society3

Entire section

3Firm with permission to establish, operate or wind up a personal pension scheme or a stakeholder pension scheme14


Entire section3

SUP 16.95

Firm with permission to advise on investments; arrange (bring about) deals in investments; make arrangements with a view to transactions in investments; or arrange safeguarding and administration of assets5

Entire section5

SUP 16.109

All categories of firm except:9

Entire section9


an ICVC;9


a UCITS qualifier; and9


a credit union.9

SUP 16.118

A firm, other than a managing agent, which is:8

Entire section8


a home finance provider;16 or8



an insurer; or8


the operator of a regulated collective investment scheme or an investment trust savings scheme; or8


a person who issues or manages the relevant assets of the issuer of a structured capital-at-risk product8.

17SUP 16.12

A firm undertaking the regulated activities as listed in SUP 16.12.4 R, unless exempted in SUP 16.12.1 G

Sections as relevant to regulated activities as listed in SUP 16.12.4 R