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This table belongs to MCOB 2.1.1 R(1) Category of firm(2) Applicable sectionmortgage lendermortgage administratormortgage advisermortgage arrangerwhole chapter except MCOB 2.2.6A R, MCOB 2.2.8A R, MCOB 2.2.8B G. MCOB 2.6A and MCOB 2.8.6 G11home purchase providerMCOB 2.1, MCOB 2.2.1 G, MCOB 2.2.6 R to MCOB 2.2.9 G, MCOB 2.5, MCOB 2.6, MCOB 2.6A.1 R to MCOB 2.6A.4 G, MCOB 2.6A.7 G to MCOB 2.6A.10 G, MCOB 2.7.4 R to MCOB 2.7.6 R, MCOB 2.7A2 and MCOB 2.8.6 G1home purchase administratorAs