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A firm which intends to transact execution-only sales in regulated mortgage contracts must have in place and operate in accordance with a clearly defined policy which:(1) sets out the amount of business the firm reasonably expects to transact by way of execution-only sales and the steps to be taken by the firm if that business exceeds the expected levels; and(2) sets out its processes and procedures for ensuring compliance with the rules in MCOB 4.8A; in particular:(a) how it
(1) 1MCOB 4.7A sets out standards to be observed by firms when advising a particular customer on regulated mortgage contracts.(2) The rules at MCOB 4.8A require firms which are selling regulated mortgage contracts to, or entering into variations of existing regulated mortgage contracts with, certain types of vulnerable customer, to provide advice to them.(3) The rules at MCOB 4.8A also provide that advice must be given wherever the sales process involves spoken or other interactive
TC App 1.1.1RRP
1ActivityProducts/SectorsIs there an appropriate qualification4requirement?4Designated investment business carried on for a retail clientProviding basic advice1.Stakeholder products excluding a deposit-based stakeholder productNoAdvising or giving personal recommendations (as relevant)132.Giving personal recommendations on securities13 which are not stakeholder pension schemes, personal pension schemes7 or broker fundsYes3.Giving personal recommendations on derivatives13Yes24.Giving