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A consumer2 has no right to cancel a home finance transaction1 concluded with a firm but may have a right to cancel a distance contract concluded with a mortgage intermediary,3 a home purchase intermediary or a SRB intermediary31for the provision of his services. Whether a mortgage intermediary,3 a home purchase intermediary or a SRB intermediary31 concludes a distance mortgage mediation contract,3 a distance home purchase mediation contract or a distance regulated sale and rent
MCOB 4.11.10GRP
The effect of MCOB 4.11.9R is that a SRB agreement provider is expected to carry out its own assessments of affordability and appropriatenessin relation to a particular regulated sale and rent back agreement, unless it is reasonable for it to rely on another firm to have done so in relation to a particular transaction.
(1) The information in MCOB 4 Annex 3 will be provided in 'good time' for the purposes of MCOB 4.5.2 R (1), if provided in sufficient time to enable the customer to consider properly the services on offer.(2) An example of the circumstances in which MCOB 4.5.2 R (4) or (5) may apply is given in MCOB 4.4.4 G. If the initial disclosure document and accompanying information (including that in MCOB 4 Annex 3) was previously provided to a customer and continues to be appropriate, there