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The firm dealing directly with the customer is responsible for ensuring compliance with the content and timing requirements, that is, a mortgage lender is not responsible for ensuring that a customer has received an illustration before accepting an application from a mortgage intermediary.
It is the responsibility of a mortgage intermediary to ensure compliance with MCOB 5.4.3 R. However, where a firm can show that it was reasonable for it to rely on information provided to it by another person, other than the mortgage lender, that an illustration was accurate, it 4 may be able to rely on MCOB 2.5.2 R, if this turns out not to be the case.4
A firm may demonstrate compliance with MCOB 4.4A.9R(2)8 by, for example, undertaking one or more of the following: building a requirement for oral communication of the relevant information into its training of staff as evidenced by its training and compliance manuals; inserting appropriate prompts into paper-based or automated sales systems; and having procedures in place to monitor compliance by staff with that rule. What is required in each case will depend on all the circu
(1) Any information which a rule in MCOB requires to be sent to a customer may be sent to another person on the instruction of the customer, so long as the recipient is not connected with the firm. (2) There is no need for a firm to send information to a customer where it has taken reasonable steps to establish that this has been or will be supplied by another person.
COLL 4.3.11RRP
3Where the authorised fund manager of either a feeder UCITS or a feeder NURS4 is notified of any change in respect of its master UCITS or qualifying master scheme4which has the effect of a change to the feeder UCITS or feeder NURS4, the authorised fund manager must:4(1) classify it as a fundamental change, significant change or a notifiable change to the feeder UCITS or feeder NURS4 in accordance with the rules in this section; and(2) (a) for a fundamental change, obtain approval