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The application of most of MCOB is expressed by reference to four types of firm: mortgage lenders, mortgage administrators, mortgage arrangers and mortgage advisers. This includes those firms that provide business loans to customers under a regulated mortgage contracts (see MCOB 1.2.3 R to MCOB 1.2.9 G). A single firm may fall into more than one of these types. Guidance on these firm types, the regulated mortgage activities which they carry on, a description of what those activities
MCOB 13.6.3RRP
A firm must ensure that, as soon as possible after the sale of a repossessed property, if the proceeds of sale are less than the amount of the customer's debt, the customer is informed in a durable medium of:(1) the mortgage shortfall debt; and(2) where relevant, the fact that the mortgage shortfall debt may be pursued by another company (for example, a mortgage indemnity insurer).
MCOB 13.6.4RRP
(1) If the decision is made to recover the mortgage shortfall debt, the firm must ensure that the customer is notified of this intention.(2) The notification referred to in (1) must take place within five years of the date of the sale (if the regulated mortgage contract is subject to Scottish law) or within six years (in all other cases).
MCOB 13.6.6RRP
A firm must ensure that, on the sale of a repossessed property, if the proceeds of sale are more than the amount of the customer's debt, reasonable steps are taken, as soon as possible after the sale, to inform the customer in a durable medium of the surplus and, subject to the rights of any subsequent mortgage or charge holders, to pay it to him.
MCOB 13.3.1RRP
(1) A firm must deal fairly with any customer who:(a) is in arrears on a regulated mortgage contract; or(b) has a mortgage shortfall debt.(2) A firm must put in place, and operate in accordance with, a written policy (agreed by its respective governing body) and procedures for complying with (1).
(1) There are certain additional disclosure requirements laid down by the Distance Marketing Directive that will have to be provided by a mortgage intermediary to a retail customer prior to the conclusion of a distance mortgage mediation contract. The purpose of this section, MCOB 4.5, is to set out those additional requirements. MCOB 4.6 sets out the cancellation rights that apply in relation to a distance mortgage mediation contract.3(2) The FSA expects the requirements in MCOB
If the initial contact of a kind in MCOB 4.4.1 R (1) is with a retail customer with a view to concluding a distance mortgage mediation contract.2, a firm must:(1) in addition to the initial disclosure informationrequired by MCOB 4.4.1 R (1)(c) and any other required information, provide the retail customer with the information in MCOB 4 Annex 3 in a durable medium in good time before the conclusion of the distance mortgage mediation contract with that customer unless an exemption
(1) The information in MCOB 4 Annex 3 will be provided in 'good time' for the purposes of MCOB 4.5.2 R (1), if provided in sufficient time to enable the customer to consider properly the services on offer.(2) An example of the circumstances in which MCOB 4.5.2 R (4) or (5) may apply is given in MCOB 4.4.4 G. If the initial disclosure document and accompanying information (including that in MCOB 4 Annex 3) was previously provided to a customer and continues to be appropriate, there
A retail customer has no right to cancel a regulated mortgage contract concluded with a firm but may have a right to cancel a distance contract concluded with a mortgage intermediaryfor the provision of his services. Whether a mortgage intermediary or a home purchase intermediary concludes a distance mortgage mediation contractwith a retail customer will depend on the circumstances. For example, an intermediary may not, in advising on or arranging a regulated mortgage contract,
(1) A retail customer has a right to cancel a distance mortgage mediation contractin accordance with this section.(2) The right to cancel must be exercised within 14 days beginning on the later of:(a) the day of the conclusion of the contract; or(b) the day on which the retail customer receives the contractual terms and conditions and other information required by MCOB 4.4 and MCOB 4.5.
A retail customer who has a right to cancel a distance mortgage mediation contractmay, without giving any reason, cancel the contract by serving notice on the firm, before the expiry of the cancellation period in MCOB 4.6.4 R either:(1) by serving on, or otherwise sending by post, notice to the firm's last known address, addressed to the firm, its appointed representative or on any agent of the firm with authority to accept notice on the firm's behalf; or(2) in accordance with
MCOB 13.1.4RRP
The requirements in MCOB 13 will continue to apply to a firm after a regulated mortgage contract has come to an end following the sale of a repossessed property. References in this chapter to "customer" will include references to a former customer as appropriate.
This chapter applies in relation to:(1) regulated mortgage activities;(2) those activities in MCOB 12 and MCOB 13 that are carried on after a regulated mortgage contract has come to an end following the sale of a repossessed property; and(3) the communication or approval of a qualifying credit promotion.
(1) The rules in (2) do not apply to a firm with respect to an activity exclusively concerning a distance contract if the following conditions are satisfied:(a) the firm carries on the activity from an establishment maintained by the firm in an EEA State other than the United Kingdom; and(b) either the EEA State:(i) has implemented the DMD; or(ii) has obligations in its domestic law corresponding to those provided for by the DMD;and, in either case, with the result that the obligations
Parts of MCOB relate to distance contracts (or distance mortgage mediation contracts) with retail customers. These expressions are derived from the Distance Marketing Directive, and the following paragraphs provide some guidance to firms on their meaning:(1) Retail customerThe Distance Marketing Directive applies for distance contracts with 'any natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business or profession', for which the term 'retail customer'
(1) MCOB 6 amplifies Principle 6 and Principle 7, which require a firm to pay due regard to the information needs of its clients, and communicate information to them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading. The purpose of MCOB 6 is to ensure that a customer receives a clear offer document to enable him to check the features and price of theregulated mortgage contract before he enters into it. The offer document should include an updated and suitably adapted illustration
SUP 12.5.6BGRP
4(1) The effect of SUP 12.5.6A R (1)(a) is that, in relation to designated investment business with private customers, appointed representatives are restricted to one principal.4(2) The effect of SUP 12.5.6A R (1)(b) and SUP 12.5.6A R (1)(c) is that, in relation to regulated mortgage activities with customer, appointed representatives are restricted to having two principals: one for regulated mortgage contracts and one for lifetime mortgages4
During the course of a distance contract with a retail customer, the making or performance of which constitutes or is part of a regulated mortgage contract:(1) the firm must, at the retail customer's request, provide a paper copy of the contractual terms and conditions of the regulated mortgage contract or of the services being provided by the firm; and (2) the firm must comply with the customer's request to change the means of distance communication used, unless this is incompatible