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3In the FSA's view, in order to comply with Principle 6, firms should not agree to capitalise a payment shortfall save where no other option is realistically available to assist the customer.
MCOB 13.3.6GRP
In relation to adopting a reasonable approach to the time over which the payment shortfall or sale shortfall should be repaid,1the FSA takes the view that the determination of a reasonable repayment period will depend upon the individual circumstances. In appropriate cases this will mean that repayments are arranged over the remaining term. 11
MCOB 12.1.5GRP
The FSA will expect a firm to ensure that charges made to a customer arising from the sale of a repossessed property and charges arising in relation to a saleshortfall1 are not excessive and are subject to the same considerations as apply with respect to arrears charges under this chapter.1
MCOB 4.11.7GRP
(1) A consideration of the customer's benefits position will need to focus on whether, by entering into the proposed regulated sale and rent back agreement, his entitlement to means-tested benefit will be adversely affected because of his receipt of the net proceeds of sale (if any) of the property. The customer's possible loss of entitlement to claim housing benefit should also be assessed. Where a firm has insufficient knowledge of means-tested and housing benefits to reach