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MCOB 12.5.2RRP
A firm must ensure that its charges to a customer in connection with the firmentering into or making a further advance on a regulated mortgage contract or administering a regulated mortgage contract or arranging or advising on a regulated mortgage contractor a variation to the terms of a regulated mortgage contract are not excessive.
MCOB 12.2.1GRP
(1) Principle 6 requires a firm to pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly. A firm is also under an obligation, as a consequence of MCOB 5 (Pre-application disclosure), MCOB 6 (Disclosure at the offer stage), MCOB 7 (Disclosure at start of contract and after sale) and MCOB 9 (Lifetime mortgages: product disclosure), to make charges transparent to customers. This chapter reinforces these requirements by preventing a firm from imposing unfair and