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If a firm makes an offer to a customer with a view to entering into a regulated mortgage contract, it must provide the customer, along with the offer document, with a tariff of charges that could be incurred on the regulated mortgage contract.
MCOB 12.3.4RRP
Before: (1) entering into a regulated mortgage contract with a customer; or(2) making a further advance on an existing regulated mortgage contract; or (3) changing all or part of a regulated mortgage contract from one interest rate to another;1a firm must disclose to the customer:(a) in the illustration provided in accordance with MCOB 5, MCOB 7.6.7 R, MCOB 7.6.18 R, MCOB 7.6.22 R, MCOB 7.6.31 R, or MCOB 9; and(b) in the illustration provided as part of the offer document in accordance
A firm that enters into a lifetime mortgage1 with a customer where interest payments are required (whether or not they will be collected by deduction from the income from an annuity or other linked investment product) must provide the customer with the following information before the customer makes the first payment under the contract:1(1) the amount of the first payment required;(2) the amount of the subsequent payments;(3) the method by which the payments will be collected
MCOB 12.5.2RRP
A firm must ensure that its charges to a customer in connection with the firmentering into, making a further advance or further release on, administering, arranging or advising on a regulated mortgage contract,2home reversion plan or regulated sale and rent back agreement2, or arranging or advising on a variation to the terms of a regulated mortgage contract,2home reversion plan or regulated sale and rent back agreement2are not excessive.1122
MCOB 11.7.1RRP
When considering entering into or varying a regulated mortgage contract or home purchase plan, a firm need not apply the rules in MCOB 11.6.2 R to MCOB 11.6.18 R inclusive (as modified by MCOB 11.6.25 R to MCOB 11.6.31 R and MCOB 11.6.33 R to MCOB 11.6.38 R, where applicable) if it has established, acting reasonably, that the following conditions are satisfied:(1) the customer has: (a) an existing regulated mortgage contract (whether or not entered into on or after 31 October
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
MCOB 12.2.1GRP
(1) Principle 6 requires a firm to pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly. A firm is also under an obligation, as a consequence of this sourcebook's disclosure requirements,1 to make charges transparent to customers. This chapter reinforces these requirements by preventing a firm from imposing unfair and excessive charges.1(2) The level of charges under a regulated mortgage contract,2home reversion plan1 or regulated sale and rent back agreement2