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MCOB 11.6.1GRP
(1) This section sets out rules and guidance for lenders and providers under regulated mortgage contracts and home purchase plans, in relation to the assessment of affordability for the customer of these contracts. Firms have the option of applying certain of the rules and guidance on a modified basis in relation to regulated mortgage contracts and home purchase plans which are solely for a business purpose or are with high net worth mortgage customers. This section also contains
MCOB 11.6.49RRP
(1) This rule applies in relation to all interest-only mortgages which a mortgage lenderenters into on or after 26 April 2014 except:(a) lifetime mortgages7;(aa) retirement interest-only mortgages;7(b) bridging loans; and(c) any other case where the repayment of capital borrowed and, if applicable, interest accrued, is certain.(2) Except as set out in (3), a mortgage lender must carry out a review (as a minimum, once) during the term of the mortgage, in which contact is made with
MCOB 11.6.51GRP
(1) The controls in MCOB 11.6.50R (2) may include, where appropriate: maximum loan to value limits; minimum equity requirements; regional factors such as property prices; or other eligibility requirements.(2) The policy and procedures for safeguarding the interests of a customer under an interest-only mortgage should not permit the mortgage lender to change the interest-only mortgage to a repayment mortgage, extend the term or otherwise change the features of the interest-only
MCOB 11.6.53ERP
For a bridging loan which is an interest-only mortgage, acceptance by a mortgage lender as a repayment strategy for the purposes of MCOB 11.6.41R (1) of an expectation that, by entering into the bridging loan, the customer's credit status will be sufficiently improved to enable him to refinance to a longer-term regulated mortgage contract (except where the mortgage lender has evidence of a guaranteed offer for such a longer-term contract) may be relied upon as tending to show
MCOB 11.6.60RRP
(1) A firm must make, in paper or electronic form, an adequate record of the steps it takes to comply with the rules in this chapter in relation to each customer.(2) The record in (1) must include the information taken into account in each affordability assessment, so that it is possible to understand from the record the basis of the mortgage lender's or home purchase provider's lending or financing decision, including (except as provided in MCOB 11.6.32R (3) and MCOB 11.6.39R
MCOB 11.7.3RRP
(1) When considering entering into a first charge regulated mortgage contract which is an interest-only mortgage2 or varying a first charge regulated mortgage contract which is2 an interest-only mortgage, a mortgage lender need not apply the rules in MCOB 11.6.41R (1), MCOB 11.6.49 R, MCOB 11.6.50 R and MCOB 11.6.60R (3) if the conditions in MCOB 11.7.1 R) are satisfied, and if it has established, acting reasonably, that the existing regulated mortgage contract in MCOB 11.7.1R