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MCOB 11.6.26RRP
When assessing for the purposes of MCOB 11.6.2 R whether a customer will be able to pay the sums due, a firm: (1) must not base its assessment of affordability on the equity in the property which is used as security under the regulated mortgage contract, or take account of an expected increase in property prices;(2) must:(a) where the repayments will be made from the resources of the customer:(i) take full account of the income, net of income tax and national insurance, or net
MCOB 11.6.28RRP
In taking account (in accordance with MCOB 11.6.26R (2)) of the customer's income or net assets (or both) and the resources of the business for the purposes of its assessment of whether the customer will be able to pay the sums due: (1) a firm must obtain evidence of the income or net assets (or both) of the customer and the resources of the business, as declared by the customer for the purpose of the customer's application for the regulated mortgage contract (or variation); and