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MCOB 11.6.20RRP
A firm must put in place, and operate in accordance with, a written policy (which may be contained in more than one document), approved by its governing body, setting out the factors it will take into account in assessing a customer's ability to pay the sums due. The policy must address the following matters:(1) how income and expenditure is to be assessed, including (except as provided in MCOB 11.6.32R (1) and MCOB 11.6.39R (1)): (a) details of the types of income which are acceptable;
MCOB 11.6.21BGRP
3When considering the period for which the records kept under MCOB 11.6.21A R are to be retained, MCD mortgage lenders are reminded of the high-level record-keeping provisions in SYSC.
MCOB 11.6.60RRP
(1) A firm must make, in paper or electronic form, an adequate record of the steps it takes to comply with the rules in this chapter in relation to each customer.(2) The record in (1) must include the information taken into account in each affordability assessment, so that it is possible to understand from the record the basis of the mortgage lender's or home purchase provider's lending or financing decision, including (except as provided in MCOB 11.6.32R (3) and MCOB 11.6.39R
Where an MCD mortgage adviser, or any other firm that is an MCD mortgage lender or an MCD mortgage arranger that provides advisory services within the meaning of article 4(21) of the MCD, advises on a transaction relating to an MCD regulated mortgage contract, it must give the consumer a record on paper, or in another durable medium, of the recommendation provided.[Note: article 22(3)(e) of the MCD]
(1) The ESIS can contain the MCD mortgage lender's or MCD mortgage credit intermediary's logo and other 'brand' information, so long as the requirements of MCOB 5A.5 are satisfied.(2) The ESIS can contain page numbers and other references that aid understanding, record keeping and identification of a particular ESIS, such as the date and time it is produced or a unique reference number, provided these do not detract from the content of the ESIS. (3) Firms are reminded of their
Where the borrowing rate under an MCD regulated mortgage contract is variable, the MCD mortgage lender must:(1) ensure that any index or reference rate used to calculate that rate is clear, accessible, objective and verifiable by the parties to the MCD regulated mortgage contract and the FCA; and(2) keep a record of the index or reference rate used to calculate that rate for as long as the MCD regulated mortgage contract remains outstanding.[Note: article 24 of the MCD]