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MAR 9.5.2GRP
Q. We are a trading venue operator. Can you please clarify how we can provide a data reporting service under the derogation from needing authorisation in article 59(2) of MiFID?A. (1) The derogation (or exception) in article 59(2) of MiFID allows Member States to allow a trading venue operator to provide a data reporting service without prior authorisation, if the operator has verified that they comply with Title V of MiFID.(2) The United Kingdom has adopted this derogation in
MAR 9.1.1GRP
1This chapter applies to:(1) a UKperson (that is a person whose registered office or head office is located in the UK) seeking authorisation to provide a data reporting service;(2) a UK branch of a third countryperson seeking authorisation to provide a data reporting service;1(3) a UKMiFID investment firm operating a trading venue seeking verification of its rights to provide a data reporting service under regulation 5(b) or (c) of the DRS Regulations;1(4) a UK RIE seeking verification
MAR 9.1.2GRP
Title V of MiFID sets out harmonised market data services authorisation and supervision requirements. These are designed to ensure a necessary level of quality of trading activity information across EU financial markets for users, and for competent authorities to receive accurate and comprehensive information on relevant transactions. These requirements provide for:(1) approved publication arrangements (APAs) to: (a) improve the quality of trade transparency information published
EG 19.35.1RP
1The DRS Regulations implement MiFID. The FCA has investigation and enforcement powers in relation to both criminal and non-criminal breaches of the DRS Regulations (including requirements imposed on persons subject to the DRS Regulations by MiFIR and any directly applicable EU regulation made under MiFIR or MiFID). The DRS Regulations impose requirements on data reporting services providers (“DRSPs”) which are entities authorised or verified to provide services of:(1) publishing