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1To ensure it is using adequate benchmark submissions, a benchmark administrator of a specified benchmark that does not have benchmark submitters should use benchmark submissions that are: (1) representative of the state of the market the specified benchmark references; or(2) made available by reliable data sources.
1A benchmark administrator of a specified benchmark that does not have benchmark submitters must consider including in the oversight committee representatives of persons who make benchmark submissions available.
MAR 8.3.9GRP
The oversight committee should be responsible for:(1) considering matters of definition and scope of the specified benchmark;(2) exercising collective scrutiny of benchmark submissions if and when required; and(3) notifying the FCA of benchmark submitters that fail on a recurring basis to follow the practice standards (as set out in MAR 8.3.10R (1)) for the specified benchmark.
MAR 8.3.10RRP
The benchmark administrator through its oversight committee must:(1) develop practice standards in a published code which, for the relevant specified benchmark, set out the responsibilities for: 11(a) 1benchmark submitters and (where applicable) persons who make benchmark submissions available;(b) 1the benchmark administrator; and(c) 1the oversight committee;(2) undertake regular periodic reviews of:(a) the practice standards mentioned in MAR 8.3.10R (1);(b) the setting and definition
MAR 8.3.12BGRP
1For a specified benchmark that does not have benchmark submitters, the records in MAR 8.3.12AR (2) should include, where available, information sufficient to identify the person and the individual who made the benchmark submission available to the relevant benchmark administrator.
MAR 8.2.10RRP
A benchmark submitter must:(1) keep for at least five years: (a) records of its benchmark submissions, as well as all information used to enable it to make a benchmark submission; and(b) reports on the key sensitivities the benchmark submitter may have regarding the specified benchmark it is submitting to, including (but not limited to) the benchmark submitter's exposure to instruments which may be affected by changes in the specified benchmark;(2) provide to the relevant benchmark