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MAR 8.3.4GRP
The arrangements described in MAR 8.3.3 R should include measures designed to ensure the confidentiality of benchmark submissions and additional information received from benchmark submitters (to the extent that such submissions and information have not been made public by mutual agreement between the benchmark administrator and benchmark submitter), for example, through confidentiality agreements for the benchmark administrator's employees and members of the oversight commit
MAR 8.3.9GRP
The oversight committee should be responsible for:(1) considering matters of definition and scope of the specified benchmark;(2) exercising collective scrutiny of benchmark submissions if and when required; and(3) notifying the FCA of benchmark submitters that fail on a recurring basis to follow the practice standards (as set out in MAR 8.3.10R (1)) for the specified benchmark.
MAR 8.3.10RRP
The benchmark administrator through its oversight committee must:(1) develop practice standards in a published code which set out the responsibilities for benchmark submitters, the benchmark administrator, and its oversight committee in relation to the relevant specified benchmark;(2) undertake regular periodic reviews of:(a) the practice standards mentioned in MAR 8.3.10R (1);(b) the setting and definition of the specified benchmark it administers;(c) the composition of benchmark
MAR 8.2.6GRP
An effective methodology for determining benchmark submissions in addition to quantitative criteria may include the use of qualitative criteria, such as the expert judgment of the benchmark submitter.
MAR 8.2.7RRP
A benchmark submitter must maintain and operate effective organisational and administrative arrangements to enable it to identify and manage any conflicts of interest that may arise from the process of making benchmark submissions.
MAR 8.2.8GRP
In order to identify and manage conflicts of interest as set out in MAR 8.2.7 R a benchmark submitter should:(1) establish, implement and maintain a conflicts of interest policy which(a) identifies the circumstances that constitute, or may give rise to, a conflict of interest arising from its benchmark submissions or the process of gathering information in order to make benchmark submissions; and(b) sets out the approach to managing such conflicts;(2) establish effective controls
MAR 8.2.10RRP
A benchmark submitter must:(1) keep for at least five years: (a) records of its benchmark submissions, as well as all information used to enable it to make a benchmark submission; and(b) reports on the key sensitivities the benchmark submitter may have regarding the specified benchmark it is submitting to, including (but not limited to) the benchmark submitter's exposure to instruments which may be affected by changes in the specified benchmark;(2) provide to the relevant benchmark
12For the avoidance of doubt, a firm who is a benchmark submitter is not expected to be carrying out the activities mentioned in PERG 2.7.20HG (2) if it collects, analyses or processes information or expressions of opinion for the purposes of making its own submissions.