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MAR 5.3A.14RRP
A firm must adopt tick size regimes in:(1) shares, depositary receipts2, exchange-traded funds, certificates and other similar financial instruments traded on the MTF; and(2) any other financial instrument which is traded on that trading venue, as required by a regulatory technical standard made under article 49.3 or 49.4 of MiFID.[Note: article 49 of MiFID and MiFID RTS 11]
Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations, paragraphs 3 – 3H4Paragraph 3 – Systems and controls4(1)The [UK RIE] must ensure that the systems and controls, including procedures and arrangements,4 used in the performance of its functions and the functions of the trading venues it operates are adequate, effective4 and appropriate for the scale and nature of its business.(2)Sub-paragraph (1) applies in particular to systems and controls concerning - (a)the transmission