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MAR 1.6.10ERP
In the opinion of the FCA , the following factors are to be taken into account in determining whether or not a person's behaviour amounts to market abuse (manipulating transactions): (1) the extent to which the person had a direct or indirect interest in the price or value of the qualifying investment or related investment;(2) the extent to which price, rate or option volatility movements, and the volatility of these factors for the investment in question,
MAR 1.6.15ERP
The following are examples of behaviour that may amount to market abuse (manipulating transactions):(1) a trader simultaneously buys and sells the same qualifying investment (that is, trades with himself) to give the appearance of a legitimate transfer of title or risk (or both) at a price outside the normal trading range for the qualifying investment . The price of the qualifying investment is relevant to the calculation of the settlement value of an option. He does this while