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SYSC 18.6.4GRP
In addition to obligations under the MiFID regime2, similar whistleblowing obligations apply to miscellaneous persons subject to regulation by the FCA under the following non-exhaustive list of 2legislation:4(1) article 32(3) of the Market Abuse Regulation, as implemented in section 131AA of the Act;(2) the UK provisions which implemented2 article 71(3) of the CRD (see IFPRU 2.4.1R in respect of IFPRU investment firms);(3) the UK provisions which implemented2 article 99d(5) of
MAR 1.10.1GRP
(1) Behaviour which conforms with article 5 of the Market Abuse Regulation or with the Buy-back and Stabilisation Regulation6 will not amount to market abuse.4(2) [deleted]4(3) [deleted]4