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(1) A firm must make available:(a) the information on the employers’ liability register either:(i) on the firm's website at the address notified to the FCA in ICOBS 8.4.6R (1); or(ii) by arranging for a tracing office which meets the conditions in ICOBS 8.4.9 R to make the information available on the tracing office’s website; and(b) the latest director's certificate and the latest report prepared by an auditor for the purposes of ICOBS 8.4.4R (1)(c), to a tracing office which
The conditions referred to in ICOBS 8.4.4R (2)(d) and ICOBS 8.4.7R (1)(a)(ii) are that the tracing office is one which:(1) maintains a database which:(a) accurately and reliably stores information submitted to it by firms for the purposes of complying with these rules;(b) has systems which can adequately keep it up to date in the light of new information provided by firms;(c) has an effective search function which allows a person inputting data included on the database relating
(1) The ACD and any other directors of an ICVC or the person responsible for the register of an AUT or an ACS1 may arrange for a plan register to be established and maintained.(2) Where payments are made out of scheme property to establish and maintain a plan register, plan investors must be treated as unitholders for the purposes of COLL 4.3 to COLL 4.5 and COLL 6.4.4 R (Register: general requirements and contents).
SUP 12.9.5RRP
2If a UK MiFID investment firm appoints an EEA tied agent this section applies to that firm as though the EEA tied agent were an appointed representative.
(1) Winding up or termination must commence once the conditions referred to in COLL 7.3.4 R (3) are both satisfied or, if later, once the events in COLL 7.3.4 R (4) have occurred. (2) Once winding up or termination has commenced: (a) COLL 6.2 (Dealing), COLL 6.3 (Valuation and pricing) and COLL 5 (Investment and borrowing powers) cease to apply to the ICVC or to the units and scheme property in the case of a sub-fund; (b) the ICVC must cease to issue and cancel3units, except
COLL 4.5.10RRP
The comparative information12 required by COLL 4.5.7 R12 (Contents of the annual long report) and COLL 8.3.5A R (Contents of the annual report) must be shown for the last three annual accounting periods (or all of the authorised fund'sannual accounting periods, if fewer than three) and must set out:1212(1) [deleted]1212(1A) for a unit of each class in issue, a comparative table as at the end of the period to which the report relates, prepared in accordance with the requirements
COLL 4.5.12RRP
The authorised fund manager must ensure that the report of the auditor to the unitholders includes the following statements:33(1) whether, in the auditor's opinion, the accounts have been properly prepared in accordance with the IMA SORP, the rules in this sourcebook, and the instrument constituting the fund;1010(2) whether, in the auditor's opinion, the accounts give a true and fair view of the net revenue3and the net capital 3gains or losses on3the scheme property of the authorised
COLL 4.4.13RRP
(1) Any document or notice to be served on or information to be given to, any person, including the FCA , must be in legible form.(2) For the purposes of this rule, any form is legible form which:(a) is consistent with the ICVC's, the directors', the authorised fund manager's or the depositary's knowledge of how the recipient of the document wishes or expects to receive the document;(b) is capable of being provided in hard copy by the authorised fund manager, the depositary or
(1) The depositary is responsible for the safekeeping of all the scheme property.(2) The depositary must:(a) take all steps to ensure that transactions properly entered into for the account of the scheme are completed;(b) take all steps to ensure that instructions properly given by the authorised fund manager in respect of the exercise of rights related to scheme property are carried out;(c) ensure that any scheme property in registered form is as soon as reasonably practicable
LR 13.5.30BRRP
(1) 2In the case of a class 1 disposal, a financial information table must include for the target:(a) the last annual consolidated balance sheet; (b) the consolidated income statements for the last three years drawn up to at least the level of profit or loss for the period; and(c) the consolidated balance sheet and consolidated income statement (drawn up to at least the level of profit or loss for the period) at the issuer's interim balance sheet date if the issuer has published
CASS 10.2.1RRP
A firm must include within its CASS resolution pack:(1) a master document containing information sufficient to retrieve each document in the firm'sCASS resolution pack;(2) a document which identifies the institutions the firm has appointed (including through an appointed representative, tied agent, field representative or other agent):(a) in the case of client money, for the placement of money in accordance with CASS 7.13.3 R1 or to hold client money in accordance with CASS 7.14.2
CASS 11.12.4RRP
The documents in CASS 11.12.3 R that a CASS debt management firm must include within its CASS 11 resolution pack are:(1) a master document containing information sufficient to retrieve each document in the firm'sCASS 11 resolution pack;(2) a document which identifies all the approved banks with whom client money may be deposited;(3) a document which identifies each appointed representative, field representative or other agent of the firm which may receive client money in its capacity