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LR 6.14.2RRP
1For the purposes of LR 6.14.1R: (1) account may also be taken of holders in one or more states that are not EEA States, if the shares are listed in the state or states; (2) a sufficient number of shares will be taken to have been distributed to the public when 25% of the shares for which application for admission has been made are in public hands; and (3) treasury shares are not to be taken into consideration when calculating the number of shares of the class.[Note: article
LR 6.14.5GRP
(1) 1The FCA may modify LR 6.14.1R to accept a percentage lower than 25% if it considers that the market will operate properly with a lower percentage in view of the large number of shares of the same class and the extent of their distribution to the public. [Note: article 48 of the CARD] (2) In considering whether to grant a modification, the FCA may take into account the following specific factors:(a) shares of the same class that are held (even though they are not listed) in