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LR 6.13.1RRP
1An applicant must satisfy the FCA that: (1) the discretion of its board to make strategic decisions on behalf of the applicant has not been limited or transferred to a person outside the applicant’s group; and(2) its board has the capability to act on key strategic matters in the absence of a recommendation from a person outside the applicant’s group.
LR 6.13.2GRP
1In considering whether an applicant has satisfied LR 6.13.1R, the FCA will consider, among other things, whether the board of the applicant consists solely of non-executive directors and whether significant elements of the strategic decision-making of or planning for the applicant take place outside the applicant’s group, for example with an external management company.
LR 6.4.3GRP
1Factors that may indicate that an applicant does not satisfy LR 6.4.1R include situations where:(1) a majority of the revenue generated by the applicant’s business is attributable to business conducted directly or indirectly with one person or group; (2) or the applicant cannot demonstrate that it has access to financing other than from one person or group; or (3) the applicant does not have: (a) strategic control over the commercialisation of its products; or(b) strategic control