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LR 13.5.7GRP
In complying with LR 13.5.6 R a listed company should:(1) state whether the financial information was extracted from accounts, internal financial accounting records, internal management accounting records, an external or other source;(2) state whether financial information that was extracted from audited accounts was extracted without material adjustment; and(3) indicate which aspects of the financial information relate to:(a) historical financial information;(b) forecast or estimated
LR 6.2.4RRP
1The historical financial information in LR 6.2.1R and LR 6.2.3R must:(1) have been audited or reported on in accordance with the standards acceptable under Section 18 of Annex 1 of the PR Regulation2; and(2) not be subject to a modified report, unless the circumstances set out in LR 6.2.5G apply.