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LR 8.3.1RRP
A1sponsor must in relation to a sponsor service:11(1) referred to in LR 8.2.1 R, 1provide assurance to the FSA when required that the responsibilities of the listed company or applicant under the listing rules have been met; and(2) referred to in LR 8.2.1 R, LR 8.2.2 R or LR 8.2.3 R, 1guide the listed company or applicant in understanding and meeting its responsibilities under the listing rules anddisclosure rules and transparency rules.11
LR 8.4.9RRP
A sponsor must:(1) submit a completed Sponsor's Declaration on an Application for Listing to the FSA either:(a) on the day the FSA is to consider the application for approval of the prospectus and prior to the time the prospectus is approved; or11(b) at a time agreed with the FSA if the FSA is not approving the prospectus or if it is determining whether a document is an equivalent document1;(2) submit a completed Shareholder Statement or Pricing Statement, as applicable, to the
LR 8.2.1RRP
A company with, or applying for, a primary listing of its equity securities must appoint a sponsor on each occasion that it:(1) makes an application for admission of equity securities which:(a) requires the production of a prospectus or equivalent document1; or(b) is accompanied by a certificate of approval from another competent authority; or(c) is accompanied by a summary document as required by PR 1.2.3R (8); or(d) requires the production of listing particulars and is referred