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LR 5.6.5ARRP
6A shell company is an issuer whose: (1) assets consist solely or predominantly of cash or short-dated securities; or(2) predominant purpose or objective is to undertake an acquisition or merger, or a series of acquisitions or mergers.
DTR 4.1.9RRP
The review required by DTR 4.1.8 R must:(1) be a balanced and comprehensive analysis of:(a) the development and performance of the issuer's business during the financial year; and(b) the position of the issuer's business at the end of that year,consistent with the size and complexity of the business;(2) include, to the extent necessary for an understanding of the development, performance or position of the issuer's business:(a) analysis using financial key performance indicators;
PR 5.5.3BGRP
1In considering whether the functions the person performs would ordinarily be performed by officers of the issuer, the FCA will consider, among other things:(1) the nature of the board of the issuer to which the person provides services, and whether the board has the capability to act itself on strategic matters in the absence of that person's services; (2) whether the appointment relates to a one-off transaction or is a longer term relationship; and(3) the proportion of the functions
DTR 2.2.6GRP
It is not possible to prescribe how the reasonable investor test will apply in all possible situations. Any assessment may need to1 take into consideration the anticipated impact of the information in light of the totality of the issuer's activities, the reliability of the source of the information and other market variables likely to affect the relevant financial instrument in the given circumstances. However, information which is likely to be considered relevant to a reasonable
LR 19.2.2RRP
An applicant for the admission of securitised derivatives must either:(1) have permission under the Act to carry on its activities relating to securitised derivatives and be either a bank or a securities and futures firm;(2) if the applicant is an overseas company:(a) be regulated by an overseas regulator responsible for the regulation of banks, securities firms or futures firms and which has a lead regulation agreement for financial supervision with the FCA; and(b) be carrying
DTR 5.4.6RRP
A parent undertaking of a management company or of an investment firm must in relation to issuers subject to this chapter whose shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market be able to demonstrate to the FCA on request that:1(1) the organisational structures of the parent undertaking and the management company or investment firm are such that the voting rights are exercised independently of the parent undertaking;(2) the persons who decide how the voting rights are exercised
PR App 3.1.1EURP
1The following schedules and building blocks and tables of combinations are copied from the PD Regulation:6[Note: See transitional provisions in Regulation (EU) No 862/2012 and Regulation (EU) No 759/20137]ANNEX IMinimum Disclosure Requirements for the Share Registration Document (schedule)71.PERSONS RESPONSIBLE1.1.All persons responsible for the information given in the Registration Document and, as the case may be, for certain parts of it, with, in the latter case, an indication