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LR 5.6.8GRP
Generally, when a reverse takeover between a shell company and a target6 is announced or leaked, there will be insufficient publicly available information about the proposed transaction and the shell company6 will be unable to assess accurately its financial position and inform the market accordingly. In this case, the FCA will often consider that suspension will be appropriate, as set out in LR 5.1.2G (3) and (4). However, if the FCA is satisfied that there is sufficient publicly
LR 5.6.18RRP
Where the FCA has agreed that a suspension is not necessary as a result of an announcement made for the purpose of LR 5.6.15 G the shell company6 must comply with the obligation under article 17(1) of the Market Abuse Regulation3 on the basis that the target already forms part of the enlarged group.
LR 5.1.1RRP
(1) 1The FCA may suspend, with effect from such time as it may determine, the listing of any securities if the smooth operation of the market is, or may be, temporarily jeopardised or it is necessary to protect investors. [Note: article 18(1) CARD](2) An issuer that has the listing of any of its securities suspended must continue to comply with all listing rules applicable to it.(3) If the FCA suspends the listing of any securities, it may impose such conditions on the procedure
LR 5.1.2GRP
Examples of when the FCA may suspend the listing of securities include (but are not limited to) situations where it appears to the FCA that:(1) the issuer has failed to meet its continuing obligations for listing; or(2) the issuer has failed to publish financial information in accordance with the listing rules; or(3) the issuer is unable to assess accurately its financial position and inform the market accordingly; or(4) there is insufficient information in the market about a
LR 5.1.3GRP
The FCA will not suspend the listing of a security to fix its price at a particular level.
LR 5.5.1GRP
The decision-making procedures that the FCA will follow when it cancels, suspends or refuses a request by an issuer2 to suspend, cancel or 2restore listing are set out in DEPP (Decision Procedure and Penalties)1.11
LR 5.5.2RRP
An issuer must inform the FCA if its listing has been suspended, cancelled or restored by an overseas exchange or overseas authority.
LR 5.5.3GRP
(1) The FCA will not automatically suspend, cancel or restore the listing of securities at the request of an overseas exchange or overseas authority (for example, if listing of a listed3issuer'ssecurities are suspended, cancelled or restored on its home exchange).(2) The FCA will not normally suspend the listing of securities where there is a trading halt for the security on its home exchange.(3) If a listedissuer3 requests a suspension, cancellation or restoration of the listing
FCA6 staff under executive procedures will take the following statutory notice decisions:6(1) the refusal of an application for listing of securities;(2) the suspension of listing on the FCA's6 own initiative or at the request of the issuer;6(3) [deleted]22(4) the discontinuance of listing of securities at the issuer's request;(5) the exercise of any of the powers in sections 87K or 87L of the Act in respect of a breach of any applicable provision; and2(6) [deleted]22(7) the refusal
DEPP 2.5.18GRP
Some of the distinguishing features of notices given under enactments other than the Act are as follows: (1) [deleted]66(2) [deleted]66(3) Friendly Societies Act 1992, section 58A1: The warning notice and decision notice must set out the terms of the direction which the FCA6 proposes or has decided to give and any specification of when the friendly society is to comply with it. A decision notice given under section 58A(3) must give an indication of the society's right, given by
LR 5.2.2GRP
Examples of when the FCA may cancel the listing of securities include (but are not limited to) situations where it appears to the FCA that:(1) the securities are no longer admitted to trading as required by these rules; or(2) the issuer no longer satisfies its continuing obligations for listing, for example if the percentage of shares in public hands falls below 25% or such lower percentage as the FCA may permit (the FCA may however allow a reasonable time to restore the percentage,
LR 20.5.4RRP
An issuer must inform the FCA immediately if it becomes aware that any security over which the listedmiscellaneous security carries a right to buy or subscribe that is listed or traded outside the United Kingdom has been suspended.
LR 19.5.10RRP
An issuer must inform the FCA immediately if it becomes aware that an underlying instrument that is listed or traded outside the United Kingdom has been suspended.Note:LR 5.1.2G (7) and (8) and LR 5.4.6 G are of relevance to an issuer of securitised derivatives.
EG 19.2.6RP
1The decision whether to initiate criminal and other proceedings under these Acts will be taken in accordance with the procedure described in EG 12.1.7. Under these Acts,3 a society may appeal certain decisions of the FCA relating to the refusal, cancellation or suspension of a society’s registration to the High Court or, in Scotland, the Court of Session. 3Distinguishing features of the procedure for giving statutory notices under the FSA92, including available rights of reference
EG App 3.1.4RP
3The FCA has the power to take the following enforcement action: discipline authorised firms under Part XIV of the 2000 Act and approved persons and other individuals1under s.66 of the 2000 Act;impose penalties on persons that perform controlled functions4without approval under s.63A of the 2000 Act;impose civil penalties2under s.123 of the 2000 Act;[Note: see Regulation 6 and Schedule 1 to the RAP Regulations for the application of this power and those below to contraventions
EG App 2.1.9RP
2The following are indicators of whether action by the FCA or one of the other agencies is more appropriate. They are not listed in any particular order or ranked according to priority. No single feature of the case should be considered in isolation, but rather the whole case should be considered in the round.(a) 2 Tending towards action by the FCAWhere the suspected conduct in question gives rise to concerns regarding market confidence or protection of consumers of services regulated