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LR 3.4.1RRP
LR 3.4.4 R to LR 3.4.6 R1 apply to an applicant that is seeking admission of any of the following types of securities:1(1) debt securities;(2) asset-backed securities;(3) certificates representing certain securities;2(4) [deleted]11(5) convertible securities;21(6) miscellaneous securities; and2(7) preference shares that are specialist securities.2
LR 3.4.4RRP
An applicant must submit, in final form, to the FCA by midday two business days before the FCA is to consider the application:1(1) a completed Application for Admission of Securities to the Official List;(2) either:(a) the prospectus, or listing particulars that has been approved by the FCA; or(b) a copy of the prospectus, a certificate of approval and (if applicable) a translation of the summary of the prospectus, if another EEA State is the home Member State for the securities;1(3)
LR 3.4.5RRP
11If confirmation of the number of securities to be issued pursuant to a board resolution cannot be submitted to the FCA by the deadline set out in LR 3.4.4 R or, the number of securities to be admitted is lower than the number notified under LR 3.4.4 R, written confirmation of the number of securities to be issued or admitted must be provided to the FCA by the applicant at least one hour before the admission to listing is to become effective.
LR 3.4.7AGRP
1An applicant for the admission of securities under an issuance programme must confirm in its Application for Admission of Securities to the Official List that at admission all of the securities the subject of the application will be in issue pursuant to board resolutions authorising the issue.
LR 3.5.1RRP
This section applies to an applicant that wishes to apply for admission of securities using a block listing.11
LR 3.5.2GRP
11If the process of applying for admission of securities is likely to be very onerous due to the frequent or irregular nature of allotments and if no prospectus or listing particulars are required for the securities, an applicant may apply for a block listing of a specified number of the securities.
LR 3.5.3GRP
The grant of a block listing constitutes admission to listing for the securities that are the subject of the block. Separately, the provisions of article 1(4) of the Prospectus Regulation2 will need to be considered by the applicant when the securities that are the subject of the block listing are being issued.1
LR 3.5.5RRP
(1) An applicant applying for admission to listing by way of a block listing must notify an RIS of the number and type of securities that are the subject of the block listing application and the circumstances of their issue.(2) The notification in paragraph (1) must be made by 9 a.m. on the day the FCA is to consider the application.
LR 8.4.3RRP
A sponsor must:(1) submit a completed Sponsor's Declaration on an Application for Listing to the FCA either:2(a) on the day the FCA is to consider the application for approval of the prospectus and prior to the time the prospectus is approved; or(b) at a time agreed with the FCA, if the FCA is not approving the prospectus12;1(2) submit a completed Shareholder Statement or Pricing Statement, as applicable, to the FCA by 9 a.m. on the day the FCA is to consider the application;(3)
LR 3.2.2RRP
An applicant for admission must apply to the FCA by:(1) submitting, in final form:(a) the documents described in LR 3.3 in the case of an application in respect of equity shares;44(b) the documents described in LR 3.4 in the case of an application in respect of debt securities or other securities;(c) the documents described in LR 3.5 in the case of a block listing;(2) submitting all additional documents, explanations and information as required by the FCA;(3) submitting verification
LR 3.3.1RRP
LR 3.3.2 R to LR 3.3.7 R apply to an applicant which is applying for a listing of its shares except for preference shares that are specialist securities.4313
LR 15.3.4RRP
An application for the listing of securities of a multi-class fund or umbrella fund must provide details of the various classes or designations of securities intended to be issued by the applicant.
LR 4.1.1RRP
1This chapter applies to an issuer that has applied for the admission of:(1) securities specified in article 1(2) of the Prospectus Regulation2 (other than securities specified in article 1(2)(b) or (d) of that regulation2); or(2) any other specialist securities for which a prospectus is not required under the Prospectus Regulation2.
LR 2.1.1RRP
1This chapter applies to all applicants for admission to listing (unless a rule is specified only to apply to a particular type of applicant or security).
LR 20.3.1RRP
An applicant for admission of miscellaneous securities must comply with:(1) LR 3.2 (Application for admission to listing); and(2) LR 3.4.4 R to LR 3.4.8 R.
LR App 1.1.1RP
1Note: The following definitions relevant to the listing rules are extracted from the Glossary.ActThe Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.admission or admission to listing admission of securities to the official list .admission to tradingadmission of securities to trading on an RIE's market for listedsecurities.advertisement(as defined in the Prospectus Regulation51) a communication with both of the following characteristics51:(a)relating to a specific offer to the public
PR App 3.1.1EURP
1The following schedules and building blocks and tables of combinations are copied from the PD Regulation:6[Note: See transitional provisions in Regulation (EU) No 862/2012 and Regulation (EU) No 759/20137]ANNEX IMinimum Disclosure Requirements for the Share Registration Document (schedule)71.PERSONS RESPONSIBLE1.1.All persons responsible for the information given in the Registration Document and, as the case may be, for certain parts of it, with, in the latter case, an indication