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LR 2.1.3GRP
Under the Act, the FCA may also refuse an application for admission if it considers that:(1) admission of the securities would be detrimental to investors' interests; or(2) for securities already listed in another EEA State, the issuer has failed to comply with any obligations under that listing.
LR 2.1.5GRP
2The FCA is not able to make the admission of securities conditional on any event. The FCA may, in particular cases, seek confirmation from an issuer before the admission of securities that the admission does not purport to be conditional on any matter.
LR 18.2.1RRP
If an application is made for the admission of certificates representing certain securities, the issuer of the securities which the certificates represent is the issuer for the purpose of the listing rules and the application will be dealt with as if it were an application for the admission of the securities.
LR 16.3.2GRP
The FCA will admit to listing such number of securities as the applicant may request for the purpose of future issues. At the time of issue the securities will be designated to the relevant class.
LR 19.2.1RRP
An applicant for the admission of securitised derivatives must comply with LR 2 (Requirements for listing - all securities) and the following requirements.
LR 4.4.1GRP
Section 81 of the Act (supplementary listing particulars) requires an issuer to submit supplementary listing particulars to the FCA for approval if at any time after listing particulars have been submitted to the FCA and before the commencement of dealings in the securities following their admission to the official list:(1) there is a significant change affecting any matter contained in those particulars the inclusion of which was required by:(a) section 80 of the Act (general