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LR 15.4.2RRP
A closed-ended investment fund must, at all times, invest and manage its assets: (1) in a way which is consistent with its object of spreading investment risk; and(2) in accordance with its published investment policy.
LR 15.4.8RRP
A closed-ended investment fund must obtain the prior approval of its shareholders1 to any material change to its published investment policy. 1
LR 15.4.9GRP
In considering what is a material change to the published investment policy, the closed-ended investment fund should have regard to the cumulative effect of all the changes since its shareholders 1last had the opportunity to vote on the investment policy or, if they have never voted, since the admission to listing.1
LR 15.2.5RRP
(1) No more than 10%, in aggregate, of the value of the total assets of an applicant1 at admission may be invested in other listed5closed-ended investment funds.15(2) The restriction in (1) does not apply to investments in closed-ended investment funds which themselves have published investment policies to invest no more than 15% of their total assets in other listed5closed-ended investment funds.5
LR 15.2.6RRP
1(1) If an applicant principally invests its funds in another company or fund that invests in a portfolio of investments (a "master fund"), the applicant must ensure that:1(a) the master fund's investment policies are consistent with the applicant's published investment policy and provide for spreading investment risk; and1(b) the master fund in fact invests and manages its investments in a way that is consistent with the applicant's published investment policy and spreads investment
LR 15.2.7RRP
An applicant must have a published investment policy that contains information about the policies which the closed-ended investment fund will follow relating to asset allocation, risk diversification, and gearing, and that includes maximum exposures.
LR 15.6.2RRP
In addition to the requirements in LR 9.8 (Annual financial report), a closed-ended investment fund must include in its annual financial report:(1) a statement (including a quantitative analysis) explaining how it has invested its assets with a view to spreading investment risk in accordance with its published investment policy; (2) a statement, set out in a prominent position, as to whether in the opinion of the directors, the continuing appointment of the investment manager
LR 15.6.8RRP
A closed-ended investment fund must notify to 1a RIS within five business days of the end of each quarter a list of all investments in other listedclosed-ended investment funds, as at the last business day of that quarter, which themselves do not have stated investment policies to invest no more than 15% of their total assets in other listedclosed-ended investment funds.11
LR 15.5.2RRP
A closed-ended investment fund must comply with LR 10 (Significant transactions) and LR 5.63, except in relation to transactions that are executed in accordance with the scope of its published investment policy.
LR 15.5.5RRP
112(1) LR 11.1.7 R to LR 11.1.11 R do not apply to an arrangement between a closed-ended investment fund and its investment manager or any member of that investment manager's group4 where the arrangement is such that each invests in or provides finance to an entity or asset and the investment or provision of finance is either:2(a) made at the same time and on substantially the same economic and financial terms; or2(b) referred to in the closed-ended investment fund's published