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LR 13.8.1RRP
A circular relating to a resolution proposing to grant the directors' authority to allot shares or other securities pursuant to section 551 (Power of directors to allot shares etc: authorisation by company) of the Companies Act 20066 must include:(1) a statement of the maximum amount of shares or other securities6 which the directors will have authority to allot and the percentage which that amount represents of the total ordinary share capital in issue (excluding treasury shares)
LR 13.8.6RRP
(1) A circular containing an offer to shareholders of the right to elect to receive shares instead of all or part of a cash dividend must include:(a) a statement of the total number of shares that would be issued if all eligible shareholders were to elect to receive shares for their entire shareholdings, and the percentage which that number represents of the equity shares (excluding treasury shares) in issue at the date of the circular;(b) in a prominent position, details of the
LR 13.8.7RRP
(1) A circular relating to any proposal where shareholders are entitled to complete a mandate in order to receive shares instead of future cash dividends must include:(a) the information in LR 13.8.6R (1)(d) and (f)1;1(b) the basis of the calculation of the number of shares to be offered instead of cash;(c) a statement of last date for lodging notice of participation or cancellation in order for that instruction to be valid for the next dividend;(d) details of when adjustment
LR 13.8.8RRP
(1) When holders of listedequity shares5are sent a notice of meeting which includes any business, other than ordinary business at an annual general meeting, an explanatory circular must accompany the notice. If the other business is to be considered at or on the same day as an annual general meeting, the explanation may be incorporated in the directors' report.(2) [deleted]99(3) A circular or other document convening an annual general meeting where only ordinary business is proposed
LR 13.8.11RRP
A circular to shareholders about the approval of an employee's share scheme or long-term incentive scheme must:(1) include either the full text of the scheme or a description of its principal terms;(2) include, if directors of the listed company are trustees of the scheme, or have a direct or indirect interest in the trustees, details of the trusteeship or interest;(3) state that the provisions (if any) relating to:(a) the persons to whom, or for whom, securities, cash or other
LR 13.8.14RRP
A circular to shareholders about proposed amendments to an employees' share scheme or a long-term incentive scheme must include:(1) an explanation of the effect of the proposed amendments; and(2) the full terms of the proposed amendments, or a statement that the full text of the scheme as amended will be available for inspection.
LR 13.8.16RRP
(1) A circular to holders of listed securities convertible into shares reminding them of the times when conversion rights are exercisable must include:(a) the date of the last day for lodging conversion forms and the date of the expected sending of the certificates;(b) a statement of the market values for the securities on the first dealing day in each of the six months before the date of the circular and on the latest practicable date before sending the circular;(c) the basis
LR 13.8.18RRP
8In relation to a listed company which did not previously have a controlling shareholder, LR 13.8.17 R does not apply to a circular sent to shareholders within a period of 3 months from the event that resulted in a person becoming a controlling shareholder of the listed company.
LR 13.1.2RRP
A listed company must ensure that circulars it issues to holders of its listedequity shares3 comply with the requirements of this chapter.
LR 13.1.9RRP
5A supplementary circular must be sent to holders of listedequity shares no later than 7 days prior to the date of a meeting at which a vote which is expressly required under the listing rules will be taken.
LR 13.2.1RRP
A listed company must not circulate or publish any of the following types of circular unless it has been approved by the5FCA:55(1) a class 1 circular; or5(2) a related party circular; or5(3) a circular that proposes the purchase by a listed company of its own shares which is required by LR 13.7.1R (2) to include a working capital statement; or5[Note: LR 12.4.10 G](4) a circular that proposes a reconstruction or a refinancing of a listed company which is required by LR 9.5.12
LR 13.7.1RRP
(1) A circular relating to a resolution proposing to give the company authority to purchase its own equity securities must also include:(a) if the authority sought is a general one, a statement of the directors' intentions about using the authority;(b) if known, the method by which the company intends to acquire its equity shares and the number to be acquired in that way;(c) a statement of whether the company intends to cancel the equity shares or hold them in treasury;(d) if
LR 13.7.1AGRP
4In considering whether an explanation given in a circular satisfies the requirement in LR 13.7.1R (1)(g), the FCA would expect the following information to be included in the explanation:(1) the shareholdings of substantial shareholders in the listed company before and after the proposed transaction; and(2) the shareholdings of a holder of equity shares who may become a substantial shareholder in the listed company as a result of the proposed transaction.
PERG 8.21.1GRP
There is a general concern that the practice of companies issuing statements and giving briefings may involve a financial promotion. These arise sometimes as a result of requirements imposed by a listing authority or an exchange or market, PERG 8.4.14 G offers guidance on when such statements or briefings may amount to or involve an inducement to engage in investment activity. It indicates that whilst statements of fact alone will not be inducements, there may be circumstances
LR 13.6.1RRP
A related party circular must also include:(1) in all cases the following information referred to in the PR Regulation4 relating to the company:Paragraph of Annex 1 of the PR Regulation4;(a) Annex 1 item 4.14 – Issuer name;(b) Annex 1 item 4.44 – Issuer address;(c) Annex 1 item 16.14 – Major shareholders;(d) Annex 1 item 18.7.14 – Significant changes in the issuer’s financial position4;(e) Annex 1 item 20.14 – Material contracts (if it is information which shareholders of the