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(1) A firm carrying out contracts of insurance, or a managing agent managing insurance business, including in either case business accepted under reinsurance to close, which includes United Kingdom commercial lines employers' liability insurance, must:(a) produce an employers’ liability register complying with the requirements in (2) and ICOBS 8 Annex 1;(b) obtain and submit to the FCA2 a written statement, by a director of the firm responsible for the production of the employers’
(1) A firm must make available:(a) the information on the employers’ liability register either:(i) on the firm's website at the address notified to the FCA in ICOBS 8.4.6R (1); or(ii) by arranging for a tracing office which meets the conditions in ICOBS 8.4.9 R to make the information available on the tracing office’s website; and(b) the latest director's certificate and the latest report prepared by an auditor for the purposes of ICOBS 8.4.4R (1)(c), to a tracing office which
(1) ICOBS 8.4.4R (2)(b) and ICOBS 8.4.9R (1) require a firm, or a tracing office used by a firm, to have an effective search function in relation to the employers’ liability register database. In the FCA's view an effective search function is one which finds all matches in the register to any specified whole word.(2) For the purposes of ICOBS 8.4.9R (5) the term ‘without delay’ should have the same meaning as in ICOBS 8.4.5G (2). (3) In order to assist firms with their obligations
(1) A firm must notify the FCA:(a) of any information provided to the FCA under ICOBS 8.4.6 R or ICOBS 8.4.6A R2 which ceases to be true or accurate; and(b) of the new position, in accordance with the notification requirements in ICOBS 8.4.6 R;within one month of the change.(2) A firm producing an employers’ liability register must:(a) update the register with any new or more accurate information falling within ICOBS 8 Annex 1:(i) by virtue of the entry into or renewal of, or
COLL 11.6.13RRP
Where the authorised fund manager of a feeder UCITS gives notice to the FCA under section 251 or section 261Q1 of the Act or regulation 21 of the OEIC Regulations that it intends to wind up the scheme, it must inform:(1) the unitholders of the feeder UCITS; and(2) where notice is given under COLL 11.6.5R (4) (Application for approval by a feeder UCITS where a master UCITS merges or divides), the authorised fund manager of the master UCITS;of its intention without undue delay.[Note:
MAR 8.2.12RRP
A benchmark submitter must appoint an independent auditor to report to the FCA on the benchmark submitter's compliance with the requirements of this section on a regular basis.
MAR 8.2.13GRP
(1) The FCA expects the report required under MAR 8.2.12 R to be issued annually, although the FCA may agree a longer period depending on the benchmark submitter's particular circumstances, including the nature and scale of its engagement in the specified benchmark and the internal framework for monitoring compliance with the requirements of this chapter.(2) A benchmark submitter which proposes to appoint an auditor to report to the FCA under MAR 8.2.12 R on a less frequent than
This table belongs to COLL 7.3.1 G (4) (Explanation of COLL 7.3)33Summary of the main steps in winding up a solvent ICVC or terminating a sub-fund3 under FCArules, assuming FCA approval. Notes: N = Notice to be given to the FCA under regulation 21 of OEIC RegulationsE = commencement of winding up or terminationW/U = winding up FAP = final accounting period (COLL 7.3.8 R(4))Step numberExplanationWhen COLL rule (unless stated otherwise)1Commence preparation of solvency statementN-28
(1) Once the ICVC's affairs are wound up or termination of the sub-fund has been completed (including distribution or provision for distribution in accordance with COLL 7.3.7 R (5)),3 the ACD must prepare an account of the winding up or termination showing: 3(a) how it has been conducted; and(b) how the scheme property has been disposed of. (2) The account in (1) must be, if there is: (a) more than one director, approved by the board of directors and be signed on their behalf
LR 6.2.5GRP
1The FCA may accept that LR 6.2.4R(2) has been satisfied where a modified report is present only as a result of:(1) the presence of an emphasis-of-matter paragraph which arises in any of the earlier periods required by LR 6.2.1R and the opinion on the final period is unmodified; or(2) the opinion on the historical financial information for the final period under LR 6.2.1R includes an emphasis-of-matter paragraph with regard to going concern and LR 6.7.1R (Working capital) is complied
CASS 7.15.18RRP
(1) Before using a non-standard method of internal client money reconciliation, a firm must:(a) establish and document in writing its reasons for concluding that the method of internal client money reconciliation it proposes to use will:(i) (for the normal approach to segregating client money) check whether the amount of client money recorded in the firm's records as being segregated in client bank accounts meets the firm's obligation to its clients under the client money rules
CASS 7.15.34GRP
Firms are reminded that the auditor of the firm has to confirm in the report submitted to the FCA under SUP 3.10 (Duties of auditors: notification and report on client assets) that the firm has maintained systems adequate to enable it to comply with the client money rules.
CASS 7.13.60RRP
A firm that uses the alternative approach must not materially change how it will calculate and maintain the alternative approach mandatory prudent segregation amount under CASS 7.13.65 R unless:(1) an auditor of the firm has prepared a report that complies with the requirements in CASS 7.13.58 R (2)(b) in respect of the firm's proposed changes; and (2) the firm provides a copy of the report prepared by the auditor under (a) to the FCA before implementing the change.
SUP 12.9.5RRP
2If a UK MiFID investment firm appoints an EEA tied agent this section applies to that firm as though the EEA tied agent were an appointed representative.
TC App 6.1.1GRP
1Introduction1.An accredited body is a body appearing in the list of such bodies in the Glossary.112.Information on accredited bodies, including guidance on the process for including an applicant body in the list, is set out below and the obligation to pay the application fee is set out in FEES 3.2.3.[deleted]11Process for including a body in the list of accredited bodies4.In considering the compatibility of a proposed addition with the statutory objectives, the FCA will determine
(1) 1A firm's up-to-date list of mandates under CASS 8.3.2 R (1) must be maintained in a medium that allows the storage of information in a way accessible for future reference by the FCA or by an auditor preparing a report under SUP 3.10.4 R.(2) It must be possible for any corrections or other amendments, and the contents of the list prior to such corrections and amendments, to be easily ascertained.
CASS 6.6.58GRP
Firms are reminded that the auditor of the firm has to confirm in the report submitted to the FCA under SUP 3.10 (Duties of auditors: notification and report on client assets) that the firm has maintained systems adequate to enable it to comply with the custody rules.