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LR 13.4.1RRP
A class 1 circular must also include the following information:(1) the information given in the notification (see LR 10.4.1R);(2) the information required by LR 13 Annex 1;(3) the information required by LR 13.5 (if applicable); and(4) a declaration by the issuer and2 its directors in the following form (with appropriate modifications):"The [issuer] and the2 directors of [the issuer2], whose names appear on page [ ], accept responsibility for the information contained in this
COBS 18.5.10ARRP
PR 5.6.1RRP
Where, in relation to an offer in the United Kingdom, no prospectus is required under the Act, the issuer and offeror must ensure that material information they provide to qualified investors or special categories of investors, including information disclosed in the context of meetings relating to offers, is disclosed to all qualified investors or special categories of investors to whom the offer is exclusively addressed. [Note: article 15.5 PD]