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LR 9.2.6AGRP
1A listed company, whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market, should consider its obligations under DTR 4 (Periodic financial reporting), DTR 5 (Vote holder and issuer notification rules),4DTR 6 (Access to information) and DTR 7 (Corporate governance).44
LR 9.5.4RRP
If existing security holders do not take up their rights to subscribe in a rights issue:(1) the listed company must ensure that the securities to which the offer relates are offered for subscription or purchase on terms that any premium obtained over the subscription or purchase price (net of expenses) is to be for the account of the holders, except that if the proceeds for an existing holder do not exceed 5.00, the proceeds may be retained for the company's benefit; and(2) the
LR 9.5.5RRP
A listed company must ensure that for a rights issue the following are notified to a RIS as soon as possible:(1) the issue price and principal terms of the issue; and(2) the results of the issue and, if any rights not taken up are sold, details of the sale, including the date and price per share.
LR 9.5.6RRP
A listed company must ensure that the offer relating to a rights issue remains open for acceptance for at least 10 business days. 55
LR 9.5.8RRP
A listed company must ensure that in relation to communicating information on an open offer:(1) if the offer is subject to shareholder approval in general meeting the announcement must state that this is the case; and(2) the circular dealing with the offer must not contain any statement that might be taken to imply that the offer gives the same entitlements as a rights issue.
LR 9.5.10RRP
(1) If a listed company makes an open offer, placing, vendor consideration placing, offer for subscription of equity shares or an issue out of treasury (other than in respect of an employees’ share scheme)3 of a class already listed, the price must not be at a discount of more than 10% to the middle market price of those shares at the time of announcing the terms of the offer or at the time of agreeing the placing (as the case may be).(2) In paragraph (1), the middle market price
LR 9.5.12RRP
(1) If a listed company produces a circular containing proposals to be put to shareholders in a general meeting 2relating to a reconstruction or a re-financing, the circular must be produced in accordance with LR 13.3 and must include a working capital statement.(2) The requirement for a working capital statement set out in paragraph (1) does not apply to a closed-ended investment fund.11(3) The working capital statement required by paragraph (1) must be prepared in accordance
LR 9.5.13RRP
If, for an issue of shares (other than an issue in lieu of dividend), a shareholders entitlement includes a fraction of a security, a listed company must ensure that the fraction is sold for the benefit of the holder except that if its value (net of expenses) does not exceed 5.00 it may be sold for the company's benefit. Sales of fractions may be made before listing is granted.
LR 11.1.4RRP
In LR, a "related party" means:(1) a person who is (or was within the 12 months before the date of the transaction or arrangement) a substantial shareholder; or(2) a person who is (or was within the 12 months before the date of the transaction or arrangement) a director or shadow director of the listed company or of any other company which is (and, if he has ceased to be such, was while he was a director or shadow director of such other company) its subsidiary undertaking or parent
LR 11.1.7RRP
If a listed company enters into a related party transaction, the listed company must:(1) make a notification in accordance with LR 10.4.1 R (Notification of class 2 transactions) that contains the details required by that rule and also:(a) the name of the related party; and(b) details of the nature and extent of the related party's interest in the transaction or arrangement;(2) send a circular to its shareholders containing the information required by LR 13.3 and LR 13.6;(3) obtain
LR 11.1.8GRP
If a meeting of the listed company has been called to approve a transaction or arrangement and, after the date of the notice of meeting but before the meeting itself, a party to that transaction or arrangement has become a related party, then to comply with LR 11.1.7 R the listed company should:(1) ensure that the related party concerned does not vote on the relevant resolution and that the related party takes all reasonable steps to ensure that its associates do not vote on the
LR 11.1.10RRP
(1) This rule applies to a related party transaction if each of the percentage ratios is less than 5%, but one or more of the percentage ratios exceeds 0.25%.(2) Where this rule applies, LR 11.1.7 R does not apply but instead the listed company must before entering into the transaction or arrangement (as the case may be):(a) inform the FSA in writing of the details of the proposed transaction or arrangement;(b) provide the FSA with written confirmation from an independent adviser
LR 11.1.11RRP
(1) If a listed company enters into transactions or arrangements with the same related party (and any of its associates) in any 12 month period and the transactions or arrangements have not been approved by shareholders the transactions or arrangements must be aggregated.(2) If any percentage ratio is 5% or more for the aggregated transactions or arrangements, the listed company must comply with LR 11.1.7 R in respect of the latest transaction or arrangement.Note: LR 13.6.1R (8)
LR 12.4.1RRP
Unless a tender offer is made to all holders of the class, purchases by a listed company of less than 15% of any class of its equity shares (excluding treasury shares) pursuant to a general authority granted by shareholders, may only be made if the price to be paid is not more than the higher of:(1) 5% above the average market value of the company'sequityshares for the 5 business days prior to the day the purchase is made; and(2) that stipulated by Article 5(1) of the Buy-back
LR 12.4.2RRP
Purchases by a listed company of 15% or more of any class of its equity shares (excluding treasury shares) must be by way of a tender offer to all shareholders of that class.
LR 12.4.4RRP
(1) Any decision by the board to submit to shareholders a proposal for the listed company to be authorised to purchase its own equity shares must be notified to a RIS as soon as possible.(2) A notification required by paragraph (1) must set out whether the proposal relates to:(a) specific purchases and if so, the names of the persons from whom the purchases are to be made; or(b) a general authorisation to make purchases.(3) The requirement set out in paragraph (1) does not apply
LR 12.4.5RRP
A listed company must notify a RIS as soon as possible of the outcome of the shareholders' meeting to decide the proposal described in LR 12.4.4 R.
LR 12.4.7RRP
Unless LR 12.4.8 R applies, a company with listed securities convertible into, or exchangeable for, or carrying a right to subscribe for equity shares of the class proposed to be purchased must (prior to entering into any agreement to purchase such shares):(1) convene a separate meeting of the holders of those securities; and(2) obtain their approval for the proposed purchase of equity shares by a special2 resolution.2
LR 13.8.11RRP
A circular to shareholders about the approval of an employee'sshare scheme or long-term incentive scheme must:(1) include either the full text of the scheme or a description of its principal terms;(2) include, if directors of the listed company are trustees of the scheme, or have a direct or indirect interest in the trustees, details of the trusteeship or interest;(3) state that the provisions (if any) relating to:(a) the persons to whom, or for whom, securities, cash or other
LR 13.1.2RRP
A listed company must ensure that circulars it issues to holders of its listedequity securitiescomply with the requirements of this chapter.
LR 10.8.1GRP
(1) A listed company in severe financial difficulty may find itself with no alternative but to dispose of a substantial part of its business within a short time frame to meet its ongoing working capital requirements or to reduce its liabilities. Due to time constraints it may not be able to prepare a circular and convene an extraordinary general meeting to obtain prior shareholder approval.(2) The FSA may modify the requirements in LR 10.5 to prepare a circular and to obtain shareholder
LR 10.8.2GRP
The listed company should demonstrate to the FSA that it could not reasonably have entered into negotiations earlier to enable shareholder approval to be sought.
LR 10.8.3GRP
The following documents should be provided in writing to the FSA:(1) confirmation from the listed company that:(a) negotiation does not allow time for shareholder approval;(b) all alternative methods of financing have been exhausted and the only option remaining is to dispose of a substantial part of their business;(c) by taking the decision to dispose of part of the business to raise cash, the directors are acting in the best interests of the company and shareholders as a whole
LR 10.8.4GRP
An announcement should be notified to a RIS no later than the date the terms of the disposal are agreed and should contain:(1) all relevant information required to be notified under LR 10.4.1 R;(2) the name of the acquirer and the expected date of completion of the disposal;(3) full disclosure about the continuing groups prospects for at least the current financial year;(4) a statement that the directors believe that the disposal is in the best interests of the company and shareholders
LR 9.8.4RRP
In addition to the requirements set out in DTR 4.1 a listed company1 must include in its annual financial report1, where applicable, the following:1(1) a statement of the amount of interest capitalised by the group during the period under review with an indication of the amount and treatment of any related tax relief;(2) any information required by LR 9.2.18 R (Publication of unaudited financial information);(3) details of any small related party transaction as required by LR
LR 9.8.6RRP
In the case of a listed company incorporated in the United Kingdom, the following additional items must be included in its annual financial report1:1(1) a statement setting out all the interests (in respect of which transactions are notifiable to the company under DTR 3.1.2 R) 4of each person who is4 a3director of the listed company as at the end of4 the period under review including:44334(a) all changes in the interests of each director that have occurred between the end of the
LR 9.8.13RRP
Any summary financial statement issued by a listed company as permitted under the Companies Act 19854, must disclose:334(1) earnings per share; and(2) the information required for summary financial statements set out in the Companies Act 19854.334
LR 10.5.1RRP
A listed company must, in relation to a class 1 transaction:(1) comply with the requirements of LR 10.4 (Class 2 requirements) for the transaction;(2) send an explanatory circular to its shareholders and obtain their prior approval in a general meeting for the transaction; and(3) ensure that any agreement effecting the transaction is conditional on that approval being obtained.Note: LR 13 sets out requirements for the content and approval of class 1 circulars.
LR 9.6.11RRP
A listed company must notify a RIS of any change to the board including:(1) the appointment of a new director stating the appointees name and whether the position is executive, non-executive or chairman and the nature of any specific function or responsibility of the position;(2) the resignation, removal or retirement of a director (unless the director retires by rotation and is re-appointed at a general meeting of the listed company's shareholders);(3) important changes to the
LR 10.2.7RRP
(1) A break fee or break fees payable in respect of a transaction are to be treated as a class 1 transaction if the total value of the fee or the fees in aggregateexceeds:(a) if the listed company is being acquired, 1% of the value of the listed company calculated by reference to the offer price; and(b) in any other case, 1% of the market capitalisation of the listed company.(2) For the purposes of paragraph (1)(a):(a) the 1% limit is to be calculated on the basis of the fully
LR 9.4.1RRP
(1) This rule applies to the following schemes of a listed company incorporated in the United Kingdom and of any of its major subsidiary undertaking (even if that major subsidiary undertaking is incorporated or operates overseas):(a) an employees' share scheme if the scheme involves or may involve the issue of new shares or the transfer of treasury shares; and(b) a long-term incentive scheme in which one or more directors of the listed company is eligible to participate.(2) The
LR 9.4.4RRP
(1) This rule applies to the grant to a director or employee of a listed company or of any subsidiary undertaking of a listed company of an option to subscribe, warrant to subscribe or other similar right to subscribe for shares in the capital of the listed company or any of its subsidiary undertakings.(2) A listed company must not, without the prior approval by an ordinary resolution of the shareholders of the listed company in a general meeting, grant the option, warrant or
LR 13.2.1RRP
A listed company must not circulate or publish a circular unless it has been approved by the FSA.
LR 9.3.9RRP
Where a listedcompany has taken a power in its constitution to impose sanctions on a shareholder who is in default in complying with a notice served under section 7932 of the Companies Act 2006 (Notice by company requiring information about interests in its shares)2:22(1) sanctions may not take effect earlier than 14 days after service of the notice;(2) for a shareholding of less than 0.25% of the shares of a particular class (calculated exclusive of treasury shares), the only
LR 9.3.12RRP
LR 9.3.11 R does not apply if:(1) a generaldisapplication of statutory pre-emption rights has been authorised by shareholders in accordance with section 9543 of the Companies Act 19854 (Disapplication of pre-emption rights) and the issue of equity securities or sale of treasury shares that are equity shares by the listed company is within the terms of the authority; or34334(2) the listed company is undertaking a rights issue or open offer andthe disapplication of pre-emption rights
LR 10.1.2GRP
The purpose of this chapter is to ensure that shareholders of companies with equity securitieslisted:(1) are notified of certain transactions entered into by the listed company; and(2) have the opportunity to vote on larger proposed transactions.
LR App 2.1.2GRP