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LR 1.4.12RRP
5Where a listing rule requires an issuer who is not subject to DTR 6.3.1 R to use the services of an RIS, the issuer must comply with the provisions of DTR 6.3, except in relation to information which is required to be disclosed under 7articles 17 and 196 of the Market Abuse Regulation6 or the DTR.6
LR 5.4A.14RRP
(1) If the FCA approves a transfer of a listing then it must announce its decision on a RIS.(2) The transfer becomes effective when the FCA's decision to approve is announced on the RIS.(3) The issuer must continue to comply with the requirements of its existing category of listing until the decision is announced on the RIS.(4) After the decision is announced the issuer must comply with the requirements of the category of listing to which it has transferred.